Four gruesome European death camps where black people were dumped and killed from the 1900s

Mildred Europa Taylor July 23, 2019
Victims of Herero and Nama genocide in Namibia. Photo Credit: Twitter

Before the 20th century had even started, scores of black people all over the world, from Cuba to South Africa were being rounded off and forced to work and live in fenced areas and encampments where they were controlled by a small group of guard forces.

Known as concentration camps or death camps, these areas were established usually by executive decree or military order for political opponents, political prisoners and minority groups who are confined for reasons of state security, exploitation, or punishment.

People placed in such camps had no benefit of fair trial and guards could beat them, starve them or even kill them without being called to account. Others passed away due to the horrific living conditions in the camp caused mainly by polluted water supplies, lack of food, and infectious diseases.

The following are five of such appalling concentration camps that European colonialists created for black people right from the 1900s:

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