From being homeless and the butt of jokes to creating the world’s first all-in-one fishing system

Theodora Aidoo October 14, 2019
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An entrepreneur, Joe Pippins, has created the world’s first all-in-one fishing system known as ‘The Fishing Caddy’. It is a system that makes the whole process of fishing easier and more convenient.

This idea was borne out of his frustration with traditional fishing methods. Pippins invented a one-stop-shop, combining a host of essential tools for fishing in one lightweight.

Pippins grew up in Kansas City, USA. However, he had to struggle his way into creating such amazing innovation that will now help the estimated 46 million fishermen in the United States who rely on the traditional fishing methods.

Unlike many entrepreneurs, for Pippins, it’s been a stretched and rough journey.

From being homeless and the butt of jokes to creating the world’s first all-in-one fishing system
Fishing Caddy. Pic Credit:

“I grew up in the inner city and had to learn how to make my way, taking scraps, being the butt of jokes, and learning to earn money on my own,” explains Pippins, creator and founder of The Fishing Caddy. “It’s my childhood and ingenuity that has helped me overcome and go on to succeed. It’s all been a journey and learning experience,” he said in an interview.

Out of his bedroom windows whilst in his third grade, Pippins started entrepreneurship. He sold toys. When he got to middle school along with his team of friends, he sold candies.

He grew up basically poor, and even became homeless at a point in his life.

As he explains it to Smart Hustle Media, there was a point in time where he had run out of friends’ houses, his car had broken down, and he found himself wandering the streets of his neighborhood. “There was nothing stopping me from being absolutely destitute. At that time, I even contemplated taking my life,” Pippins noted.

In the early years of trying to launch his business idea, his mum passed away and his younger brother was reportedly a victim of gun violence. As if that was not enough, his youth soccer coach Curt Robertson who happened to be the man who taught him how to fish also died.

Instead of shattering his business ideas, these tragedies taught him a lesson which he described thus: “I’ve learned so much about giving it everything you can and working toward the things you want.”

“It’s important to know that you can’t control where you were born or the environment you were raised in, but through hard work and a take no prisoners’ mentality you can achieve the things you desire,” Pippins said.

In 2017, he entered into partnerships with four major retailers to have his line of products, The Fishing Caddy, in their stores around the country after winning $20,000 on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

From being homeless and the butt of jokes to creating the world’s first all-in-one fishing system
Steve Harvey and Joe Pippens Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME,Pic Credit:

Going from making products in his basement to having a nationally recognized product, The Fishing Caddy system, as well as his single rod mounts. His products such as rod and cup holders flooded places such as Ace Hardware, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Scheels All Sports.

The Fishing Caddy makes fishing trips less stressful and it’s been designed and organized to improve the anglers’ experience. It makes a great piece of gear for sharing with a family outdoors and the water weight prevents it from tipping over.

Today the Caddy is the world’s first all-in-one fishing system, offering features built in rod holders, a tackle box, cup holder, LED lights, live well for fish and turns into a seat. The Fishing Caddy is manufactured in Carrolton Mo.

Skillfully designed for all types of fishing, The Fishing Caddy can be used by anglers of all ages. It gives users everything they need for a great fishing experience and it even has a space to put your favourite beverage.

The fishing system, according to Pippins, has been designed to help make fishing more enjoyable thereby giving people more time to fish, rather than track down and organize their tackle and supplies.

Learn more about the Fishing Caddy in this video:

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