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BY Abu Mubarik, 2:37pm May 07, 2021,

From homeless to millionaire, meet the man protecting the wealth of celebs like Akon, Shaq, others

Millionaire entrepreneur and wealth management expert James Hunt. Photo: Instagram

James Hunt is known as “The Celebrity Credit Guru.” The millionaire is a celebrity wealth management expert who is credited with helping some of America’s biggest athletes, entertainers, and scores of ordinary people with their credit cards and finances.

Originally from Chicago, Hunt was homeless when he was only eight years old. He would roam around the Buckhead community of Atlanta seeing luxury cars and dreaming of owning one in the future. The dream of driving a luxurious car urged him on to start his business.

Learning everything he could about credit, Hunt recalls starting his entrepreneurial journey with a ‘cheap laptop’ and operated in a Starbucks during the day and a local Fed Ex during the night. Things took off for Hunt when he got his first celebrity client and cleaned up that client’s entire family’s credit, he tells Global Millionaires. Today, some of his clients include Bruno Mars, Akon, Tank, Taraji P. Henson, Larenz Tate, Tichina Arnold, Tyrese, Usher, and Shaq.

Hunt has elevated himself from a homeless boy to becoming one of the most sought-after people in the credit repair industry. He has been able to do this through his credit and financial concierge company New Rich Productions, based in Atlanta, GA. His staff includes homeless or disadvantaged young Black men.

The wealth management expert is now focused on developing young Black entrepreneurs to become successful like him. He has established a new company called The Hunt to teach young Blacks about entrepreneurship. “I think that so often we are encouraging people to be entrepreneurs, but no one ever teaches you how to hunt and how to properly go after what you want,” he tells The Black Wall Street Times.

“Becoming a millionaire or becoming successful at all requires a certain mindset and unwavering focus. There are various techniques to hunting down success. I teach things like strategy, knowing how to approach clients, knowing when to pull the trigger, knowing when to lay and wait for your ‘prey’… knowing when to make your move and when to actually be silent. Many of our young black men aspire to live a luxury lifestyle, but no one teaches them how to actually achieve it. That is what I am doing with The Hunt.”

Hunt says his career as an entrepreneur has been motivated and driven by his knack for success and goal setting. “Taking on new ideas and accomplishing goals is something that I set out to do on a daily basis,” he says. “That daily challenge to get up and accomplish what you set out to accomplish for that day is literally what drives me that day.”

He also describes himself as relentless. For him, failure is not an option, and he has therefore been persistent in everything that he has accomplished. “For me, it is not enough to just be successful, and the goal is to reach the top. If there is one word to be described, it is being completely relentless in my pursuit of success.”

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