‘God is real’ – Shooting survivor says her wig stopped stray bullet from hitting her head

Francis Akhalbey July 12, 2023
A Georgia mother said he wig stopped a stray bullet from hitting her head -- Image via FOX 5 Atlanta

A Georgia mother, who lost her father to gun violence last year, nearly died under similar circumstances after she got caught in gunfire while she was riding in a Lyft last month. In an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, the woman, who did not disclose her name, said she believed God intervened to ensure she survived the near-fatal June 10 shooting. 

She also showered praise on her Lyft driver for coming to her aid despite being caught in the gunfire. “I had to pick up my belongings from the homicide department because nobody counted on my making it,” she said. “God is real. I wouldn’t be here with my kids today if God wasn’t real.”

The DeKalb County mother said the shooting occurred while she was returning home from work, adding that she spotted two men in cars arguing after her driver stopped at the front gate of the apartment complex. She said the verbal altercation between the two individuals made her have a “really bad” feeling. 

“Next thing you know, we hear gunshots,” she recalled. “The three [bullets] hit his car, two hit me. The wig I had on stopped one, and one landed in my head. I have a bullet in my head right now.”

She also praised her driver for his heroics as he came to her aid despite the crossfire. “He came around the car—even though bullets were still flying—he came and got out of his car. One could’ve hit him (but) he held my hand and tried to keep me conscious until the ambulance got there,” she said.

Though doctors were unsuccessful at removing the bullet lodged in her head, she said it did not hit her brain. “I’m thankful for him, I’m thankful for God. I pray every day,” she said.

The shooting survivor told FOX 5 Atlanta that she hopes people resort to resolving issues without senselessly involving guns. “My dad wasn’t in a bad neighborhood,” she said. “My dad was working on someone’s car. My message to people is: Things can be resolved without guns.” 

The DeKalb County police are currently investigating the shooting, and arrests are yet to be made. 

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: July 12, 2023


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