Ghanaian entrepreneur and creative Kwadwo Bedihene debuts new documentary that challenges generational thinking in Africa

Francis Akhalbey March 15, 2021
Ghanaian creative Kwadwo Bedihene recently debuted a documentary titled "A Generational Thinker"

Ghanaian entrepreneur and creative Kwadwo Bedihene firmly believes it’s high time African youth took a generational initiative and start being intentional with their actions for the sake of posterity.

Inspired by a sermon titled “A Generational Thinker” by respected Ghanaian theologian and motivational speaker Dr. Pastor Mensa Otabil, Bedihene produced a documentary challenging people to take up that initiative and mindset. Though the video is just about four minutes, the message is very direct and insightful.

In an interview with Face2Face Africa, the young creative delved deeper into the message behind the video, how he wants it to impact anyone who watches it, and how his daughter inspired him to create his company, Uvolox LLC.

1. Tell us about yourself and your journey as a social worker.

My name is Kwadwo J Bedihene, formerly known as Kwadwo J Bediako. I am a college graduate from the University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in science.

I am not a social worker, but I work and serve communities by creating content that brings awareness to social issues and economic growth. One of the companies I have developed is Ray Styles Studios, which is also known as Penciled celebrities. A campaign (WHEN THEY SEE US) we created that centered around the issue of racism went viral on social media and afforded us many opportunities to support our projects and other endeavors.

2. What was the inspiration behind the video documentary?

This sermon from Dr. Mensa Otabil touched my heart because it reminds me of why I started Uvolox. I started Uvolox on behalf of my daughter. I wanted to leave a legacy behind for her to continue when I am not around. I did not build the Uvolox brand for myself; I created it for my daughter and also as a means to build generational wealth. Every time I get tired or want to stop, I think about my daughter and her future, and this is what inspired me to create this mini-documentary.

3. How do you want the video’s message to impact anyone who watches it?

I want the video to encourage this generation to work smart: Not for themselves but for generations to come as the generational curse needs to be broken. The video also seeks encourage the youth to help change the narrative of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

4. You are of the view that it is our job as Africans to take a generational initiative. Why is it so crucial?

It is crucial because we are now in the position of power. We have the ability to control and change narrative of Africa. Through creativity art, we can showcase the positive aspects, culture and beauty of our continent as those catch the eye of others.

5. Tell us about Uvolox LLC. What was the inspiration behind its establishment?

Uvolox is a fashion brand I started during the quarantine period. I realized there were many Western luxury companies i.e. Gucci, Prada, etc. but none of such nature with African heritage, hence the idea to start Uvolox. I came up with the name “Uvolo”, which means “wool” in the Zulu language. Though it was the perfect name, I had a hard time acquiring it. I therefore decided to add a silent “X” to “Uvolo” so I can universally use it without any legal issues. 

Generally, the main inspiration behind this brand was to leave something behind for my daughter and her generation. Every time I get tired or want to stop, I think about my daughter and her future.

6. Do you have any other future projects in store?

I am on officially working on launching the first collection for Uvolox and also working on my first movie with my film crew in Ghana. I’m hoping to pitch this movie to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Last Edited by:Francis Akhalbey Updated: March 21, 2021


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