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Ghanaian Musician, M3nsa, Gives Us A Taste Of Fanti Love In His New Album, Plus Behind the Scenes of The Anticipated Video

Nana Agyeman Taylor July 13, 2011 at 12:00 am

July 13, 2011 at 12:00 am | Entertainment

M3nsa, a name easily recognized by anyone who follows the Ghanaian music industry represents a man who has and is excelling at producing and singing modern music across genres. Now one of the most promising artists within the hip-life genre, M3nsa was first discovered by the Ghanaian music legend Reggie Rockstone over a decade ago.

Presently based in London, M3nsa has grown as an internationally recognized artist in his own right whether he is collaborating with the Roots at London’s Royal Albert Hall, performing sold out shows with the Nigerian sensation Nneka, or playing alongside the Gorillaz, Tony Allen. People may also recognize him from the short film Coz Of Moni in which he co-starred with Wanlov the Kubolor, a film which has been accepted at the Rio International Film Festival (Brazil), and at the Pan African Film Festivals in Los Angeles and Cannes.

His latest projects include his first international album No. 1 Mango Street. This album while primarily hip-hop, draws a lot on soul, Afro-beat and highlife music and features many other artists such as MOBO Award winner Samini, M.anifest, Kwabena Jones, singer-songwriter Ndidi and guitarist Ryan Ansah. Fanti Love song, one of the songs on the album, is unsurprisingly about love and is sung in Fanti. Unlike most of the other songs on the album, this song has a heavy jazz backdrop which makes the song very poignant.

M3nsa tells the story of a young man, pondering over the choice between the love for his career and the romantic love of his life. This soulful song transcends the boundaries of musical genres and even language barriers to effectively hit the right note with its audience.

The music video, shot in Brooklyn, New York and directed by Sam Kessie, will showcase in M3nsa’s words “different aspects of himself.” Set on a chilly New York, late fall day, we travel with the man as he makes his way to band practice where he intends to use his work as a distraction from his thoughts.

Behind the scenes of the making of "Fanti Love Song" Music Video:

It is without doubt that the video accompanying this song will highlight the musical genius of M3nsa and buttress whatever message we get from just listening to the song. The much anticipated video to "Fanti Love Song" will premiere on Face2face Africa ending of July. Stay tuned!


Source: Sankofa Productions and the M3nsa official website m3nsa.com


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