Africa Makes Happiest Countries in the World List Based on Smiles

Edna Owusu-Ansah March 27, 2014

happiest countries in the world

Is happiness really measured by the smiles on people’s faces? Well, according to an app called “Jetpac” it is. In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, Jetpac set out to find the happiest country in the world — measured not by how happy people say they are, but by their actual smiles.

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Jetpac is an app that analyzes Instagram photos to create city guides by rating images under topics such as “bars women love,” giving you a real feel of places where people have been through their images.

Therefore, the app gives “smile scores” based on the incidence and strength of smiling in an Instagram photo.

Of course “smile scores” are hardly scientific and are based on individual perceptions. Also, whether someone smiles or not depends on cultural differences and individual personality traits.

With that being said, some countries in Africa ranked very well on Instagram by Jetpac with South Africa in the lead as the happiest country in Africa with 31.5 points in the smiling stakes.

Of course some countries are happier than others. Check out the top 10 Happiest countries in the world below:

1. Brazil 60.5
2. Nicaragua 59.4
3. Honduras 53.9
4. Colombia 49.8
5. Bolivia 48.1
6. Costa Rica 47.5
7. Venezuela 47.0
8. Philippines 46.0
9. Guatemala 42.0
10. Mexico 40.3

On how Africa scored on the list of 122 countries:

24. South Africa 31.5
38. Angola 29.0
43. Egypt 26.7
44. Ghana 26.4
69. Tunisia 22.2
58. Nigeria 24.3
81. Morocco 20.0
86. Kenya 18.8
96. Tanzania 17.0
104. Mauritius 14.7

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: September 15, 2018


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