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BY Abu Mubarik, 4:00pm May 16, 2023,

Here are 5 Lebron James endorsement deals that you probably didn’t know

Lebron' James.Photo credit: Erik Drost via Wikimedia commons

In 2022, Lebron James officially became a billionaire, making him the first active NBA player to reach billionaire status, according to Forbes. The Business Magazine highlighted that the Los Angeles Lakers star has “maximized his business” to more than $1.2 billion in pretax earnings. 

“He has commanded more than $385 million in salary from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA’s highest-paid active player. Off the court, he has raked in upwards of $900 million in income from endorsements and other business ventures,” Forbes wrote.

In his over 17-year career in the NBA, LeBron James has made a name for himself as an achiever, both on and off the court. He is a four-time NBA champion and an 18-time NBA All-Star who became the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

His success off the court has been largely attributed to his investments in businesses and endorsement deals – he has earned more than $390 million from his NBA contracts. 

Aside from Tiger Woods, it is hard to think of any black athlete with more endorsement deals than Lebron. He has consistently maintained a high level of popularity both on and off the basketball court, making him one of the world’s most-liked athletes.

Highlighting his streams of income off the basketball court, here are some endorsement deals by the NBA Great you probably didn’t know:

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