Here are four realistic ways to achieve your 2021 new year resolutions

Ama Nunoo December 30, 2020
2020 was a hectic year with some small wins here and there. It is advisable to set realistic goals this new year. (Photos public

Many people are not big on making new year resolutions as 2020 is ending. People had plans but the year took its own course and most resolutions went unfulfilled. There is the tendency to go all out on these resolutions but experts advise that 2021 resolutions are scaled down into tiny achievable goals.

If even you are unable to execute your new year resolutions, don’t beat yourself up so much because you may be part of the 81% of people who are unable to achieve their goals on a yearly basis, a study says. Only 19% are able to fully execute their new year resolutions and this year, we at Face2Face Africa want you counted as part of the 19%. 

Here are some simple tips to set you on the right part to achieving new year resolutions.

Make actionable decisions daily

You may want to start working on your weight in 2021. Start by walking 30 mins a day before you sign up to the gym. It is great to have an end goal weight but building new daily habits will push you to that desired weight.

It is the little attitudinal changes that will eventually make you shed a few pounds each week. That is more reasonable, and then before you know it, you will envisage your new body when the year ends.

Make your actions reflect who you aspire to be and what you do

A study has it that people are able to achieve their goals when it is tied to their identity rather than their ability to do them. Willpower is often overpowered by circumstances surrounding us but your identity is who you are or who you aspire to be.

For instance, if you repeat the mantra, “I am not one who procrastinates or shirks their responsibilities”, you are more likely to finish that project on time and move on to the next.

Also, you may want to start writing a book, try linking that activity to another habit that comes easily to you. For example, if you want to eat clean and you are the one who grocery shops for the house weekly, make a special grocery list beneath the regular one that will prompt you to buy the vegetables and fruits you always forget to purchase.

Visualise the target and be accountable

The more you see your goals before you, the more accountable you will become. Pasting them on your fridge is a great idea. Also asking a buddy to check in on you and your goals once in a while pushes you to accomplish them because the feedback you render cannot always be negative.

Share your process and celebrate small wins

Find like-minded people who have similar goals to yours and share your struggles with them. The positivity from such groups will push you when you feel down. Also, you will have people to celebrate your small wins when you meet your targets along the way. People who truly understand your struggle will not judge you when you decide to take a break.

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