‘Daniel Fast’, the diet that helps you reconnect with God and aids with weight loss

Ama Nunoo December 12, 2019
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Nutritionists and dietitians always repeat this mantra, ‘you are what you eat.’ People do not pay much heed to it till they fall ill and are put on a special diet to help correct whatever medical condition they are facing.

Many people struggle to control what they eat and as a result majority of today’s population are obese or have obesity related ailments.  

However, every now and then new diets crop up and in as much as many people buy into it, it is advised to check in with your doctor before you start.

The Daniel Fast is a diet plan inspired by the Prophet Daniel in the Bible whose spiritual and dietary experiences are recorded in the Bible. Daniel embarked on two diets. To draw him closer to God, during the first fast he only ate vegetables and drunk water.

For the second fast, he cut out meat, alcohol and other foods considered rich from his diet. Like Daniel, proponents of this diet say this is no ordinary diet but a healing therapy that will not only take care of your physical needs but caters to the emotional ones as well.

They claim the Daniel Fast aids in weight loss by accentuating on your relationship with God. It entails a simple diet modification which relies heavily on plant-based nutrition. It avoids all animal-based foods and it has a striking resemblance to veganism.

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To spell it out more clearly, it’s a purely plant-based and tries to avoid over processed plant foods. So vegetables and whole foods are certainly on the menu.

Research reveals that this diet improves metabolic and cardiovascular health because it restricts one’s calories intake.

The study further states that Daniel Fast “improves the quality of a person’s life by decreasing their body weight, improving their levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol, C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation in the body)  and enhancing insulin function.”

Those who opt for the Daniel diet over a basic vegan diet do so mainly because of mental, emotional and spiritual health.

They believe it promotes inner peace, clears one’s mind of all negativity and reduces anxiety. It helps the individual foster true human connections with others.

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In addition, they believe the diet does not only detoxify the body of toxins the natural way, but it also helps the individual drop certain bad habits and addictions.

Anyone who goes on the Daniel diet is assured of spiritual support as it brings them closer to God like it did for Daniel. Here the individual can learn to solely rely on God’s strength.

Unlike many fad diets out there, the Daniel Fast encourages holistic eating of plant-based meals which is a healthy variation of your usual diet.

The Daniel Fast is meant to bridge the gap between man and God because its proponents believe the diet in its entirety is reconnecting to the Divine. Of which other health benefits can be derived because it’s one of the fastest way to attain your weight loss goal or give your body a proper detox.

However, the diet in its entirety may lack some essential nutrients like protein and other micro nutrients so it is not advisable to adopt it as a lifestyle change.

It is advised you assess your spiritual life and health needs and do the diet accordingly, it recommended you diet for 21 days of which you may have achieved your aim and you can go on your regular diet with a new perspective on eating well.

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