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Here are six easy DIY hair masks to cater to your hair needs

Natural hair thrives when proper care is given to it. You cannot expect your hair to grow overnight, your curls to pop, or your scalp to be devoid of itch without putting in the work.

Now there are a million and one products out there that could help you achieve all these things but be wary as some are just overpriced.

Some people have concocted their own natural hair regimen with DIY ingredients ranging from their own homemade shampoo to moisturizers and hair masks.

Too much manipulation or overexposure to heat may damage your hair and one sure way to revive the hair is to give a good hair mask.

There are different hair masks that cater to different hair needs. Guess what, most of these ingredients are already in your kitchen.

When you can eat what you put in your hair, that is when you know you are truly living the chemical-free life and feeding your hair with all the organic goodness. Mind you, not all the natural ingredients are edible, but I hope you get the drift.

Here are a few DIY hair masks that should get you started. There is a whole range of them on YouTube as well. Remember, all the ingredients for the mixtures are not set in stone. Some of the recipes may differ slightly but the main components run through them.

Mayonnaise hair mask

When your hair is over-styled or heat damaged, a quick mayonnaise hair mask will rejuvenate your tresses. Make this mask by mixing mayonnaise, castor oil, coconut oil, one egg in a bowl and gently apply to freshly washed hair. Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap and wait for about 10 to 15 mins and then wash out.

Protein mask

Every naturalista must include a protein hair mask in their routine at least once a month. This treatment revives the hair and replaces all the lost nutrients that occur during wash days. It’s also a great way to strengthen your hair.

The usual DIY masks include eggs but here is an alternative mask using greek yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. Your hair will be extra moisturized after you rinse out.

Hair growth mask

This is a public service announcement. Natural hair grows; I repeat, natural hair grows and can retain light. You just must include this simple hair growth mask in your routine – castor oil, preferably the black castor oil. It increases blood flow and prevents dandruff which then gives room for hair growth. Mix castor oil with organic honey and an egg to speed up growth and it’s also a quick way to keep your hair shiny. Who wants dull looking hair?

Avocado hair mask

Avocado is creamy and tasty for your meals as well as your hair. This hair green smoothie will strengthen your strands and help the hair to grow as well. Mix avocado, organic avocado oil, olive oil, honey, and unsweetened coconut milk and voila, your hair goals will now be attainable.

Deep conditioning treatment mask

A deep conditioning treatment should be done every week or every other week and it can be heavy on the pocket with the store-bought products. Make your own deep conditioning mask with castor oil, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil.

You can add a dub of your rinse out conditioner and skip the conditioning stage after rinsing out. Go straight to applying your leave-in conditioner and give your hair the treat it deserves.

Scalp detox mask

Too much product build-up in the hair inhibits growth. At least once every 4 or 5 weeks, you must detox your scalp to allow the bores to breathe and the hair follicles to flourish in peace. Mix bentonite clay, olive oil, activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil and apply to the hair.

The bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar strips off the toxins and impurities while the oils inject minerals back into the hair.

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