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Traveling to Ghana for the Year of Return? Get to know these popular words and phrases


No one says it’s easy to learn a foreign language but for people who intend to travel to Ghana this December for the Year of Return, learning some significant words and phrases is necessary to make their stay comfortable.

The Christmas holidays in Ghana is set to be massive and probably the biggest one yet thanks to the Year of Return initiative marking 400 years since the first black slaves landed in Jamestown, Virginia.

Though activities to mark the 400-year event have been yearlong, a handful of tourists including the African diaspora are still expected to make the journey to the West African nation this month to crown off the memorable and historic year in style.

To make the best out of your experience as you tour historic places and engage in a host of other activities, it is imperative to be abreast with Twi – the language of the Akan people. Though there are English speakers, Twi is the most widely spoken and it wouldn’t be bad to learn a few of the popular words and phrases as you prepare to visit.





Wo firi hene?

Where are you from?

Maa chi/Maa ha/Maa jo

Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening

Eti sen?

How are you?


I’m fine

Yefre wo sen?

What is your name?

Eye fe

It’s beautiful/nice

As you travel around to explore, you might be doing this with the help of a driver or public transport. Get to know these phrases to facilitate your movement. Note that these phrases will also be required when purchasing a few things at the market or a local store:

Eye sen?

How much?

Te so?

Reduce it


Thank you

Mereko aba

I will be back




My friend

Ye be shia biom

We’ll meet again



Ekom de mi

I’m hungry

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