Here’s a manual for any seafood enthusiast visiting Bridgetown, Barbados

Ama Nunoo November 28, 2019
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With its strategic position within the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, why won’t seafood lovers drool over Barbados. To have the clean and fresh water for fishing takes a whole village because everyone must play their role to ensure the waters are habitable for the marine life.

Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital is the place most tourists love to explore. It also serves as the central point where they go in search for all variety of seafood there is, be it from the local street vendor or one of the high-end restaurants.

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When visiting Bridgetown as a seafood aficionado, you should see their fish market. The fisheries complex is hard to miss since it’s at the edge of the town. The market is a seasonal one so it’s not always accessible. You must know the time of the year to visit if you want some specific catch. However, swordfish, tuna and flying fish are staples at the complex.

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The Bridgetown fisheries complex is where you’d find the market that always has fresh out of the water fish. There is an icing and washing facility to maintain the freshness of the fish so market goers can get theirs directly from the fishermen in their boats. The hoteliers and restaurants get their fish from this market as well.

Every seafood lover is always on the hunt for good seafood and when in Bridgetown, try some seafood from street food vendors and visit Seafood restaurants. There are tons of casual seafood dining experiences in Bridgetown.

Because fishing is one of the main occupations of the people, competition is high thereby increasing standards as well. The fishing industry employs about 6000 or more people in Barbados.

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You might find some very delicious street food vendors with the occasional queues because when good food is cheap, everyone troops in for their share.

There are a good number of seafood restaurants in Bridgetown. There’s Waterfront café, Champers, Salt café, Harlequin Restaurant and The Tides Barbados. There are quite a few others and if you are on a weeks’ vacation, there will be enough time to sample all of them.

Finally, seafood lovers who are more hands on can skip the already made fish or the market part and join locals and other tourists for sport fishing.

The island provides boats for individuals who wish to go fishing on their own or those who would like more of a group activity, there is room for that as well. Barbados has endless options for fishermen of all standards.

Now any seafood enthusiast can visit Barbados, particularly Bridgetown and have a truly rewarding and fun adventure satisfying all their seafood cravings.

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