How Ade Olonoh founded a business to pay his college fees and later made $14.3M

Stephen Nartey May 26, 2023
Through Formstack, Ade Olonoh has made a significant impact in the field of online forms and data management. Photo credit: Ade Olonoh via LinkedIn

Ade Olonoh stumbled into entrepreneurship while experimenting with interesting ideas that popped into his mind and founded Bottled Software while in college. He operated as a freelance web developer during his days as a freshman, just to pay his fees and cater to his needs during college and later decided to operate full scale.  

After his first success in business while in college, he made the decision not to work for any corporation, and decided to start his own journey, pulling his college friends along to incubate the next big startup. His first client was his alma mater, Anderson University, where he built a content management system known as WebTwist to streamline their data.

Though his business failed, he learned the lessons that got him to fold up the system he built, and took up his first job working at Gannett Newspaper Media Company, a corporate organization that enabled him to fill in the gaps of experience and exposure, according to Mixergy.

Recognizing the potential of his skills, and driven by the need to support his growth trajectory as an entrepreneur, he learned on the job. One important lesson he picked from the corporate world which later helped him to advance in business, was to understand that every individual has a unique quality and must be understood at that level to utilize their full potential.

He resigned from his corporate job to establish Formspring, running the company with only 12 employees. However, Olonoh raised $ 14.3 million in funding to support the business. Realizing that he had the ability to sustain himself through his own entrepreneurial efforts, he made a bold decision to fully embrace the path of entrepreneurship.

Over time, Olonoh’s dedication and hard work paid off. Today, he is the founder and leader of an entity worth millions of dollars. His company, Formspring is now a subsidiary of Formstack, and has since achieved substantial growth and success in the realm of online forms and data management. His story is an inspiring example of how determination and resourcefulness can pave the way for entrepreneurial success.

Through Formstack, Ade Olonoh has made a significant impact in the field of online forms and data management. The company provides users with intuitive tools to create and manage digital forms, enabling streamlined workflows and improved efficiency. The success of Formstack is a testament to Ade Olonoh’s ability to understand market needs and deliver innovative solutions.

As a visionary leader, he continues to push boundaries and drives innovation in his field. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence have positioned him as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with passion, perseverance, and a willingness to take risks, one can achieve remarkable success.

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