How Ethiopian CEO Dawit Abraham is transforming Africa’s gaming industry

Dollita Okine May 26, 2023
The pacesetter hopes to make strategic partnerships with other African tech providers in the gaming industry. He believes that Africa has the capacity to go head to head with international software industries. Photo Credit: Medium Dawit Abraham

Dawit Abraham, CEO and Co-Founder of Qene Technologies – the first gaming company based in Ethiopia, continues to make great strides, setting himself apart from competitors in the gaming industry through the creation of exceptional African mobile games.

Due to his African-friendly solutions through mobile and direct carrier billing, in-game content is accessible to the African market. His games set new higher standards for African games on the international market.

According to Billionaires Africa, Dawit’s remarkable experience in Android application engineering and game development, as well as collaborations on outstanding projects like the OpenCog Artificial General Intelligence framework, makes for a strong foundation for Qene Technologies.

The young entrepreneur sold his top-performing game, Gebeta, to Carry1st, a South African mobile gaming start-up headed by entrepreneur Cordel Robbin-Coker earlier this year, according to African Leaders Magazine.

Gebeta, also known as Mancala is Dawit’s award-winning mobile board game that won the Best App of the Year at the 2020 AppsAfrica Awards. Qene Games has shown passion and commitment when it comes to creating games with an authentic African stories.

The brand has also released other successful mobile games like Kinet, a groundbreaking platform for game monetization in Africa.

Dawit is also the lead Game Developer on the Kukulu project, a 3D infinite runner game for Android platforms, and is built using a Unity 3D Game Engine, according to Sessionize.

Kukulu is the first 3D mobile game to be released in Ethiopia at its scale.

The pacesetter hopes to make strategic partnerships with other African tech providers in the gaming industry, and believes that Africa has the capacity to go head-to-head with international software industries.

He envisions Qene Technology to be one of the prominent gaming companies in Africa, and soon the world.

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