How multimedia is waging war on black people

Alicia Nunn April 28, 2019
Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle: another casualty in the war on black people?  Is Nipsey Hussle another slain warrior?  Like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton. Fallen prey to a conspiracy to silence, divide and conquer the voice of black power and liberation.  A casualty of the war zones in countless black communities stagnated by centuries of systemic racism.  

Acting out their rage on each other.  Powerless to change a system that pumps drugs, alcohol and guns in their communities while taking jobs out.  A system that takes fathers from homes in the “war on drugs”, makes billions off their free labor in prison corporations, then legalizes the drug for which they imprisoned them. Only to make more billions.  

The sociopaths that make the laws and profit from modern-day slavery are the descendants of criminals released from prisons in Europe to “make America great again” by stealing it from the natives, killing over 11 million of them and breeding the rest out.  And stealing countless millions of Africans from the motherland, killing over 20 million.  The deadliest holocaust in history.  

It is up to black people to arm ourselves with awareness. We are still at war.  A silent war has been waged against black people since Africa was first invaded by outsiders.  Pretending to be allies.  Waiting for the opportunity to steal everything.

Black people have never been at war with these people because they will always want what we have. Not only do they want the diamonds, gold, oil, and other resources in Africa, they want us.  Our talent.  Our DNA. 

These new weapons are not guns or bombs.  They are iPhones and other electronic devices pumping lies into the minds of the unsuspecting 24/7.  Weapons of mass destruction.

Storytelling is the fabric of African culture.  It is woven by the heartbeat of relationships, connections, people.  It passed down our history from heart to heart, generation to generation, throughout time through the powerful words of the Griot.  It preserved our values, traditions, way of life.  

Now, storytelling is used by our enemies to dismantle our empires and conquer our minds.

Eventually, we will see a white face and be convinced it is black, and that whites accomplished everything we accomplished such as they have done with the pyramids, R&B and now rap music because that is what multimedia is selling us.  Then they will rewrite all the history books and erase us.  Promising our children a brighter future through miseducation, while training them to be slaves.  

It appears the war has been effective in conquering the minds of black people.  Black people are bowing down, willingly surrendering the things we and our ancestors have fought hard to acquire.  

Music is a black empire.  Hip hop artists are modern day Griots. Hip hop is the story of the black experience in America.  That is sacred.  So why are we allowing it to be stolen from us?  Just like everything else.  Hip hop is the voice of struggle for power in a society that profits from and feeds off our domination.  

There are so many black artists who die young, poor, drug addicted, shamed.  The music industry makes billions while they are alive and even more after their death.  

Artists like Diddy and Jay Z are looked up to as kings in the black community.  But what real power do they have?  Are they saving black people from poverty?  Did they save R&B?  Can they save hip hop?  

Or are they owned by European Jews like Clive Davis?  Who exploited legends such as Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston while they were alive and continues to profit from their deaths.  

Sony made over $500 million dollars from Michael Jackson’s death.  And Clive Davis shamelessly parades new artists at memorial services for our legends to market them, with no real love for our legends and no power in their voices from the generations of struggle endured by black people.  

Great talents with soulful voices like Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Brandy and India Arie never reach the level of fame and success they are due because they don’t look white.  And the world never gets to experience the blessing of them reaching their full potential because of war games.

Like R& B, another black empire bites the dust.  Cardi B is now the face of hip hop.  Mocking the Griots and making millions for her Jewish owners.  How will we ever break the white supremacy-induced poverty that plagues people of African descent across the diaspora if we keep falling for the same war tactics?

Racist white supremacists are using black people to stay wealthy, yet black people remain poor.  Black people are in the most degraded state in history.  We have taken on the ways of our oppressors.  Money over everything.  

Multimedia is used to brainwash black people into willingly participating in our own genocide.  Through cultural appropriation which is just another word for theft.  Through constant images of black men and women mating with everyone but each other.  

The brainwashing tactics include:

Weapon 1: Suggestion – Cardi B is an example.  Her team publishes press releases and breaks the internet with lies proclaiming her “The greatest rapper of all time”, which is utterly ridiculous.  But everyone believes it and joins in the hype.  

Totally disrespecting artists who have lived the black experience and worked hard to overcome and accomplish fame.  Forgiving her racial slurs because “everyone loves her”.   

What’s love got to do with it?  It’s self-hate not love.  Other races use black people to gain fame.  Such as Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians.  All you need is a black “buck” and his baby to gain Instafame.  Then once fame is obtained, dump the black audience for a more “mainstream audience”.

Weapon 2: Repeated exposure – buying radio air time, magazine covers, reality television roles, and other mass marketing tactics.  Constantly putting lies into our faces until we believe them.  Eventually the person’s image becomes embedded in our subconscious minds and we believe we know and love her like family.  Then we become loyal fans for life.  Buying any lie sold to us.  And we give up what little money we have.  

Television emits electromagnetic waves that put the brain in a hypnotic state close to being asleep but awake enough to receive subminimal suggestions leaving the subconscious mind open to whatever message is being sent.  Your subconscious mind is what drives your behavior.  If they control your subconscious mind, they control you.

Weapon 3: Social media Influencers – Instagram and YouTube have made it easier for corporations to relentlessly market us all day every day.  Every image they sell is false.  Every story they tell through editing and staging is a lie.  But we follow them blindly.  Giving them our power and money.  Mimicking their behavior.

Weapon 4: Publicity stunts – Getting married or pregnant for attention used to be reserved for Hollywood “elite”.  Now everyone does it.  Who is taking care of these designer babies?  And what happened to true love?  

The lies are becoming more and more outrageous.  There is no trust.  And no integrity.  People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, so publicity stunts are becoming more and more insane.  Shameless exploitation of rape, abuse, divorce, death for money and fame.  All devastating issues.  Where is the heart of Africa?  Our hearts have grown cold.  Desensitized.

Multimedia has been used to mock black people and spread propaganda and stereotypes for centuries.  These false images are now accepted and perpetuated by black people.  Like the racial slur “nigger” which is now used as a term of endearment, “nigga”. 

How multimedia is waging war on black people
Blackface stereotype — Source:

Multimedia perpetuates white people’s negative perceptions of black people.  Largely, the white male perspective.  These negative perceptions are simply projections of white people’s own negative selfimage.  But multimedia has been used to brainwash blacks to believe these projections.  

In his article, Scripting The Black Masculine Body Identity, Discourse, And Racial Politics In Popular Media, R. L. Jackson writes, “Over the course of 150 years from 1769 to about 1927, minstrelsy would become an institution, revered by Whites for its dehumanizing yet somehow entertaining

characterization of Blacks as darkies and Whites as ordinary, normal, and cultured ladies and gentlemen . . . indicative of both their attitudes about Blacks and their own self-perceptions.”   

For instance, historically white men accused black men of rape while white men raped millions of black women and men during the slave trade.  They have used multimedia to strategically brainwash black men to hate themselves and reject black women.  Convincing black men that white women are the prize.  While white men secretly fetishized black women.  Now multimedia is being used to brainwash black women to prefer white men.  Genocide.

In his book, Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films, Updated and Expanded 5th Edition, Donald Bogle describes the five stereotypes used to mock and degrade black people since Hollywood’s inception.   

If you look with a perceptive eye, you can still see these negative images today.  The tragic irony is that these racist stereotypes are kept alive not only by white storytellers, but black storytellers as well:

  1. Tom: “Good negro”. Chased, harassed, hounded, enslaved, and insulted. They never turn on their white “massas” and remain hearty submissive, stoic, generous, selfless and oh-so-kind. 
  2. Coon: An amusement object and black buffoon. Lack the single mindedness of the Tom. 
  3. The Tragic Mulatto: The “likeable” fair-skinned Black attempting to pass for White. Usually very likeable in film, but nonetheless tragic. 
  4. Mammy: Closely related to the comic coons; typically, big, fat, and cantankerous; sexless and “wise” to White folk.  The mammy stereotype is a mockery of the sacred Mami Wata matriarchal figure in African culture.
  5. Buck: An African-American out to raise havoc, and full of “black rage”. Depicted as always big, oversexed, violent and frenzied as they lust for white flesh.

NeNe Leakes, Taraji P. Henson, Tyler Perry, Michael B. Jordan are chosen ones in modern times to keep these degrading caricatures alive.  Director Leila Djansi always has a white savior and black male villain in her films. 

Black people are in the most degraded state in history.  Begging for approval and salvation from the same group of people responsible for our plight.  Rejecting ourselves.  

Media is used to control, influence and literally program black people to feel inferior.  The white man’s perspective broadcast to the masses is just another form of domination.  Conquering our minds.  Pretending to “include” us, using trendy catch words like “diversity” and “inclusion” while continuing the same degrading white supremist behaviors.  

Blacks are still limited to supporting actor/actress roles and awards.  The industry orchestrates a lack of roles for black women, creating competition.  Then biracial women, the tragic mulatto, are favored for roles, leaving black women feeling rejected and worthless.

Taraji P. Henson is awarded and recognized only for playing stereotypes now just as Denzel Washington was almost two decades ago, and Hattie McDaniels several decades before that.  The question is why do we continue to allow this terrorism?  

“Why should I complain about making seven thousand dollars a week playing a maid? If I didn’t, I’d be making seven dollars a week actually being one!” – Hattie McDaniels

NeNe Leakes is a modern day Hattie McDaniels.  Willing to do anything for fame and “Trump checks” Her words and her power have left their mark on “the culture”.  But she hates herself and perpetuates white supremacy.  Praising biracial women while shaming women who are her mirror image.  Damaging their hairlines and bodies trying to look like the false image of beauty constantly projected through media.  The “Bye Wigs” episodes an example of the projected self-hate.

Stepping on other black women to rise to fame while masking her fear of rejection and insecurity with insults, lace front wigs, plastic surgery and designer labels.  But if you look into her eyes beyond the mask one can see the little girl inside her yearning for love and acceptance.  

The void that fame or money promised to fill remains a gaping hole in her soul.  She never learned to love herself, so she regresses to a childlike state when faced with stress.  That little girl yearning for the family security she deserved but was robbed of by systemic racism.  Exploited by the greedy keepers of the media.  Another European Jew, Andy Cohen.  

Exploited by herself.  You can never be happy if you don’t love yourself.  Thus, the vicious cycle continues.

As the icon of the most popular Real Housewives franchise, NeNe Leakes holds the power, but doesn’t use it.  Economic withdrawal has been our most powerful weapon yet since we have been brainwashed not to use our spiritual powers to defeat white people.  Unity among all black people and self-love are the weapons we must add to our arsenal.  

We have internalized the narrative of the people who stole everything from us. that we are needy, dependent, inferior.  We burn our scalps with lye to straighten our beautiful tight coils.  We bleach life giving melanin from our sun-kissed skin.  We avoid our motherland rich with diamonds, gold, oil and other natural resources and flock to desolate lands embellished with smoke and mirrors promising a higher social status.  We deny our blackness, our divinity.

If we continue to bow down, how will we ever rise to the former greatness of the Mali, Songhai and Timbuktu empires? 

Imagine the power of using multimedia to unite two billion people of African descent globally, instead of cowering in shame of our blackness.  Our conquerors know that the only way to get away with taking our resources is to trick us into thinking they are superior, and we need them.  

In her television series, Being Mary Jane, creator Mara Brock Akil poses the question, “would you rather be working class (a slave) in America or live in Africa?  The response “America”.  The sentiment of many African Americans who believe the negative propaganda.  Afraid if they travel to Africa they will catch a disease.  While living in America, not only full of deadly diseases, but also devoid of their culture, slowly becoming morally bankrupt. Selling their souls for a dollar.  

Africa was dismantled and destroyed by our oppressors, but it is our home.  It is up to us to rebuild it.  And it starts with rebuilding our minds.  Rebuilding our self-image.

Filmmakers are modern day Griots.  We must use multimedia as a counterattack to white supremist terrorism.

In the article, Measuring the Meaning of Black Media Stereotypes and Their Relationship to the Racial

Identity, Black History Knowledge, and Racial Socialization of African American Youth the authors state, “While technological advances have expanded media platforms, and communication mechanisms continue to evolve, television viewing remains the most popular medium among media studies of African American youth.”

We must use media to tell our stories.  To instill our values.  To restore our self-esteem.  

You can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself.  Relationships with other races based on self-hate have nothing to do with love.  

You can’t save any other race when you are facing genocide.  So, recognize that you are all you have and focus on saving black people.  Unity starts with black people recognizing the divide and conquer tactics that have been used since Africa was first invaded.  

Everything black people ever needed is in Africa, yet we allowed ourselves to be convinced that the nothing in Europe is better than the everything in Africa.  Now Europeans own the resources and black people have nothing.  If we are not careful, China will own Africa’s resources next.  We are repeating the same pattern of low self-esteem and dependency.

Namibia in Southern Africa, generates over one billion dollars annually from diamond mines stolen by the Germans during the first holocaust.  There are enough resources in Africa to ensure that every African enjoys a better quality of life than anything America affords.

How multimedia is waging war on black people

Ultimately the war on black people will fail.  You’re never going to wipe out two billion black people and you’re insane to think you can.  But it is time for us to stop being victims and know who we are.  

The truth is embedded deep in our DNA.  All we must do is unplug from the lies being pumped into your minds through multimedia long enough to awaken.  

The time is up for our domination and the desperate attempts to maintain control of our minds and resources are falling.  We are waking up.  

More than the words of the Griot, our history is in our DNA.  The truth of who we are.  Despite efforts to breed us out, we WILL NEVER be erased.

It is up us to tell the stories of the great African empires that have been erased from history.  To revive African values and traditions.  To erase the myth of the white savior.  We are our savior.

We WILL win this war. It is our destiny. But first we must get back to our roots.

Stop giving your money to racists and invest in black multimedia.  Totally owned and operated by black people.  And as soon as possible, return home to the motherland and reconnect to yourself.

Nothing we endure today, no matter how brutal or horrific compares to what our ancestors suffered during the Transatlantic slave trade.  We must stop giving away our birthright.  Our identity, pride, power, melanin, DNA, divinity.  

In the legendary words of Dap in Spike Lee’s School Daze, “Wake up!” And fight.

Last Edited by:Victor Ativie Updated: April 23, 2020


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