How these Atlanta ‘water boys’ turned their street hustle into a thriving company

Abu Mubarik October 09, 2023
Amir, Serg, and Mekhi. Photo credit: 11alive

Amir, Serg, and Mekhi are Atlanta “water boys” involved in water sales in Atlanta. Today, they have transformed their side hustle into “Water Boyz ‘N the Hood,” a water bottle company with its own merchandise.

“You either got it, or you don’t,” Amir, co-owner of Water Boyz ‘N the Hood, told 11Alive. “It can’t be on you. It’s gotta be in you.”

The business was first started by Amir nine years ago, selling his first bottle when he was only around eight years old. He would court his friends to join him in selling water one day and that’s how Serg and Mekhi came on board.

“My first day when I made my first sale, I was happy,” Serg said. “I just went back every day…I have been addicted to it.” Serg said he made between $200 to $300 as profit for a $4-5 case of water.

The hustle of the Atlanta boys caught the attention of filmmaker Greg Williams, who is also a former water boy. “The bottle is way bigger than just part of their hustle, a water boy’s story is bigger than just a bottle,” Williams said. “Water is a life resource; everybody needs water to live.”

He added that the boys involved in the sale of water are exploring additional ways to support their families through the revenue that wouldn’t get them in conflict with the law.

“It did make me feel good,” Serg told 11alive. “I can buy my mom on my brother something. I could buy my family something, and it won’t hurt me.”

Williams said that through their hustle, they have accumulated enough experience on how to start and sustain a business. This influenced the boys to add the sale of hoodies, hats, and T-shirts to their water-branded bottles.

“I can better my family life and make sure that my little sister and my little brother would not have to do what I had to do,” Amir said.

Meanwhile, the Water Boys are being innovative with their marketing. They have visited water plants to gain more understanding of the safe distribution of water to their communities.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 9, 2023


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