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How Ti Taylor turned her insecurities into a million-dollar business in five months

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Ti Taylor, a member of platinum-selling girl group Taylor Girlz, ventured into skincare and entrepreneurship after struggling with acne for years. She launched her skincare line – Underneath Skin Care – and in less than five months, she’s become a millionaire.

Along with her sister Daysha Taylor, 21-year-old Ti Taylor became a social media sensation when their music videos, “Steal Her Man” and “Wedgie” went viral and caught the attention of record company, RCA. She has over 2.4 million Instagram followers.

She recently ventured into the beauty business and created “Underneath Skin Care”, a cleansing line that aids in healing the skin from acne. Taylor successfully turned her skincare insecurities and passion for beauty into a million-dollar business.

“I’ve dealt with acne most of my teenage and early adult life, at least 10 years. I had a number of procedures to try and clear my skin. I did chemical peels, extraction, micro-needling, and top of the line facials weekly. Nothing seemed to work. Next thing you know, I spent close to $22,000,” the rapper told BET Digital.

After years of dealing with acne, Taylor became dissatisfied with the dermatologist and started researching on products that helped clear acne. Her quest for a lasting solution to acne led her to create a skincare formula perfect for her skin.

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A lot of people of status don’t touch on sensitive matters like this simply because they only want you too see what they want you to see. So Im going to show y’all the real. This is what’s under the make up and behind the filters ? This was my biggest insecurity that I hid from the world for 10yrs. I battle with acne, black heads, craters, hairy face, Etc. No dermatologist or doctor could help. I even went to the hospital and still was unable to fix my skin. I had gotten to a point where I gave up and just accepted it. So fast forward 2019. A problem I battled with for 10 yrs was now cleared up in 3 months with “ORGANIC” non chemical based products. So I’m here to tell you today you are not alone and I have a solution.!!! I’ve invested my own money to mass produce exactly what I used on my face. So you can now use it in the comfort of your own home. I present to you @underneathskincare AVAILABLE For Purchase Now ‼️

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“I’ve had a love and hate relationship with my skin for as long as I can remember. We just couldn’t get it together before creating my own formula,” Taylor told HelloBeautiful. She recalled the first time she experienced insecurity with her skin during her pre-teen years.

“I’ve dealt with acne for 10 years. I know how it made me feel. I was completely robbed of my confidence. I became so ashamed of how I looked without makeup.” However, she revealed that once her skin was cleared of all acne and damaged skin cells, she felt so good. “I could cry because the burden that was there for 10 years was a boulder lifted off my shoulders”.

“I know if I felt like this with bad skin, there’s 50 million other people in the world that feel the same. I wanted to help lift the burden off their shoulders as well,” the million-rapper cum entrepreneur said.

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Even though Ti Taylor was new to the entrepreneurship world, she launched Underneath Skin Care in December 2019 and by April 2020 made more than a million dollars which she described as “unreal, but well-deserved.”

Like many new entrepreneurs, Taylor had her fair share of challenges. Her biggest challenge she said “was getting all the money I made in one day to clear.”

According to her, when she launched her skincare line, she had no team. “I didn’t think it would get as big as it’s gotten,” she said. “I just knew I had a story that needed to be heard and the rest would be history.”

Today, Ti Taylor’s music and business are doing well and she hopes to have significant effect in the beauty industry while restoring people’s confidence and encouraging them to “embrace their natural beauty” and love what’s underneath.

 “I never in a million years thought my millionaire status would come because I decided to tackle my biggest insecurity,” she said. “I feel that I’m setting a great example for young Black girls. I’m giving young girls hope and confidence. After they watch my story and see me work, they’re going to know that they can do anything they put their mind to. They can also see how a great work ethic can make anything happen.”

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