BY Lawretta Egba, 12:00pm July 11, 2016,

Five Common Foods for a Healthy Skin

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Many of us are conversant with various foods or fruits that offer great health benefits and proffer cures to different diseases. Some of these are used to create drugs or medicines to treat the disturbingly high number of illnesses afflicting humans today. But did you know that some of these foods contain wonderful ingredients to make your skin supple and glowing?

Recent studies have shown links between certain nutrients and wrinkle reduction, radiance, and acne prevention. So rather than spend painfully expensive sums on creams and surgical procedures such as Botox, try these foods, which are not only cheap and easily accessible but also have little or no side effects. Well, except great skin!

Face2Face Africa presents a list of the top 5 common foods that can leave you with healthy and nourished skin to keep you looking young always.

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