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How To Buy The Right Suit

For the average guy, buying a suit can be a stressful ordeal. The options in any suit department store are endless, leaving you with debatable choices such as: peak lapels, notch lapels, slim fits, modern fits, classic fits and a huge array of specifically detailed styling that could drive any man insane!

In order to make this process easier, there are some things you should consider before you decide to buy a suit.

  1. How To Buy The Right SuitThe first thing to consider is why you are buying the suit.  If you’re buying suits for work, you might want to go with the classic or modern fit. Stick to light grey, dark grey, navy blue and black.  Remember, you don’t want to outshine you boss and look like the CEO. Keep it conservative and clean.
  2. The next thing to consider is your body type. Suits usually come in four different sizes: 36 Regular, 36 short, and 36 long. If you’re like me and you have shorts arms, a 36 short would be ideal for you. If your arms are long compared to the rest of your body, a 36 long will be best for you. Remember, you always want to buy a suit that fits closest to your body type first and then take it to the tailor for minor alterations. 
  3. If you buying a suit for a party the best option is to go with is a slim fit suit. Generally speaking, slim fit suit bring out the best in any males physic. Although it’s a slim fit suit which has already gone through some tailoring, it is best to do some additional tailoring to the suit in order make the fit better.  Slim fit suits can be used for any occasion, from dinners to hanging out at a lounge to small gatherings at your apartment. And yes – big guys can wear slim fit suit too! The important thing to remember is if your body type is big or round is that you have to make sure the initially size of the suit fits your shape, and then followed altering. DO NOT mix up this order of operation or else you will be in a heap of trouble.
  4. Buying a suit for a formal event requires a Tux; which in my opinion is the easiest suit to buy. The selections for tuxes are not that large. As usual, after the purchase of the suit has been made make sure it is taken to a tailor for the perfect fit.

Here a few stores that carry men’s suits: H&M, Zara, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, J Press, Topman, Syms, and Men’s Warehouse.   

Buying a suit can be difficult, but with the right goal in mind and some careful consideration, you will be on the path to looking your best.


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