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BY Mildred Europa Taylor, 6:15am August 31, 2018,

How to test for pregnancy without a kit

Ways to confirm pregnancy at home without a kit

Your body should tell you if you are pregnant. Symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, weakness and sleepiness, and headaches can develop as early as two weeks of conception.

But every woman’s body is different, and you may not experience any of these symptoms. The easiest ways to confirm is to have a test.

However, you may be at an area where clinically proved maternity test kits are not accessible or you are probably not willing to go out and get a pregnancy kit or see a doctor.

This is where the homemade pregnancy tests come in. For such tests, use the first urine you pass in the morning as it will be more concentrated than the urine you pass later and will give you the best result.

Now, gather your first pee sample in a disposable cup and let’s start:

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