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How Trinity Mouzon Wofford founded a leading holistic wellness brand at age 23

Determined to bridge the gap between affordability and holistic wellness, Trinity founded Golde at the age of 23 with her college sweetheart. Photo credit: Trinity Mouzon on Instagram

Inspired by her mother’s struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, Trinity Mouzon Wofford set out to establish a wellness company aimed at helping others improve their health. Her mother’s condition is an autoimmune condition characterized by chronic inflammation and pain in the joints. Trinity initially found it mentally draining watching her mother battle her condition with little she could do.

When a glimpse of hope opened a door for a potential miracle for her mom during a holistic alternative treatment, Trinity silently told herself she would be a doctor one day. She noticed a significant improvement in her mother’s symptoms, this experience deeply impacted her life and sparked her interest in the field of holistic medicine.

Her desire to help others achieve wellness, coupled with the inspiration of her mother’s journey, inspired Trinity to initially pursue a pre-medical path in college. However, a pivotal moment occurred when her mother had to discontinue treatment with her holistic doctor due to financial constraints.

This event compelled Trinity to reevaluate her career aspirations and consider how she could make wellness more accessible to all.

Determined to bridge the gap between affordability and holistic wellness, Trinity founded Golde at the age of 23 with her college sweetheart. Aside from her mother’s challenge, she was equally interested in wellness products that targeted women of color.

Her own struggles informed the fine-tuning of the company’s focus, which was creating accessible products that promote overall well-being, with an emphasis on nutrition and total body wellness. Golde’s product line includes items such as superfood-based face masks, wellness blends, and dietary supplements.

Through her company, Trinity has made it her mission to democratize wellness and ensure that everyone has access to affordable and effective products. Her approach has resonated with many, leading to partnerships with major retail centers across the United States.

Her initial business strategy was promoting her products on social media. She explored every strategy she could think of to catch the attention of the public. Today, she is saturated by the media buzz, spurring her to constantly innovate, according to Elle.

Trinity’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how personal experiences can fuel entrepreneurial pursuits and drive positive change. By leveraging her own background and her mother’s struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, she has built a successful wellness company that not only caters to the needs of individuals, but also promotes inclusivity and accessibility in the industry.

Her story is evident in the power of empathy, resilience, and the pursuit of a passion-driven career. Her dedication to making wellness more attainable for all demonstrates the impact that one person can have in creating positive change in the lives of others. Overall, she believes her success can be attributed to the attention she pays to customer service.

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