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BY Abu Mubarik, 10:00am December 22, 2020,

‘I owe this thanks to my mother’ – The rise of the only Black woman-owned beef jerky brand in U.S.

Michelle Timberlake, founder of Marjorie’s Beef Jerky. Photo credit: BlackNews

Michelle Timberlake started her beef jerky brand with little enthusiasm regarding its potential or success. However, she was encouraged by her late mom, Marjorie Leona Dawson, to not give up as her beef brand was one of the tastiest she has ever had.

“It took 27 years for someone to give me that break by believing in me, and now I am here with the biggest tastiest beef jerky that money can buy!,” Timberlake said, according to BlackNews. “And I owe this thanks to my mother, who told me that she wouldn’t live long enough to see my products come out on the store shelves.”

The inspiration and encouragement from her mom led to the establishment of Marjorie’s Beef Jerky. The beef company remains the only Black woman-owned company in the country that manufactures, distributes and sells its own brand of beef jerky.

Timberlake pays a glowing tribute to her late mom for her invaluable contribution, encouragement and role in spurring her on by embossing her picture on her product. “But my mother knew how determined I was,” said Timberlake. “And I promised her that the world will see her face on every bag and that I would name the company after her.” 

After the demise of her mother, her father stepped in to help her get her products noticed all over the world. In her dad, she has found someone who stays involved and talks about the company’s success and potentials. “I am so grateful to my father for that because I love that he is involved in giving me advice, and he always has uplifting things to say to me,” she said.

Since the founding of the company in 1991, she has sold over hundreds across the U.S and also the product has been distributed via the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

“Our beef jerky is premium meat, high in quality, high in protein, with no MSG or preservatives outside of the soy sauce. Even more, it’s only 150 calories per bag” said Timberlake.

At a trade show, she became the talk of the town when patrons couldn’t have enough of her beef brand. Eventually, she gained new customers, who hitherto, were not fun of beef jerky.

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