BY Nii Ntreh, 10:00am January 09, 2020,

Imagine if World War III breaks out today – Four things African countries must plan for

African countries need to start discussing plans in preparation of global warfare. Photo Credit:

All throughout last week, international news platforms and social media have been awash with discussions of a potential third world war.

The aftermath of the US killing a senior and influential Iranian army general, Qassem Soleimani, has sparked fears of a full-on war between the two countries.

It is hard to miss the point that such a war would have global consequences. This is certainly not going over the heads of African countries who would have to plan for the worse.

Unlike the last two world wars, anyone that happens now will be occurring under a vastly different period. For one thing, African states are now sovereign.

But that does not mean the US and its allies on one hand, or Iran and its allies on the other, would not be expecting some degree of support. The days of the Non-Aligned Movement are far gone.

So what can African countries do in a world war that they cannot fight but have to be seen taking proactive steps? Here are a few crude suggestions.

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