In remembrance of Christopher Nsamba, the Ugandan who designed the world’s largest life-saving incubator

Abu Mubarik July 19, 2022
Christopher Nsamba via Twitter

Ugandan tech entrepreneur Christopher Nsamba, who is credited with designing the largest life-saving incubator, has died at the age of 37. According to media reports in Uganda, he succumbed to diabetes after battling the disease for a while.

In a glowing tribute to Nsamba, the Ugandan health ministry described him as an exceptional being whose innovation will be missed by the country. 

“The management of the ministry of health is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Christopher Nsamba; known for his innovation and installation of 10 baby incubators at Kawempe and Mukono Hospitals. Other innovations are drones, and baby ICUs for ambulances. May his soul rest in eternal peace” reads a statement from the ministry of health.

Nsamba founded the African Space Research Program, which built a reputation for itself through the creation of innovative technologies. The Ugandan engineer became famous for designing and installing the world’s largest incubator dubbed SAVANT X in Uganda.

SAVANT X can incubate 10 babies at once in different chambers and has saved the lives of hundreds of premature-born kids in Uganda. What is more, the incubator understands and can make decisions in case of an emergency when medical personnel is not close by, according to dailyexpress.

The incubator also has a technology which fixes damaged brain cells for neonates who get brain injuries (Twitches) during birth. The machine is also equipped with a wireless device which transmits data so that a nurse, for instance, can monitor the incubator at a distance.

His incubators can “monitor oxygen in babies’ blood as well as their heart beats per minute and show a pulse graph of the heart. If a baby stops breathing, the machine will immediately trigger an alarm system. The machine is also equipped with a wireless device which transmits data so that a nurse, for instance, can monitor the incubator at a distance,” according to Kumatoo.

The incubator also produces oxygen from its environment and also has an anti-mosquito system which is controlled by the machine’s computer that automatically humidifies and sanitizes the baby’s environment.

Nsamba’s incubators have already been deployed in several hospitals in Uganda, including Mukono, Kawempe and Kawolo.

In 2021, he was recognized by the Official World Record Association for building the world’s largest incubator. His invention was also recognized as the most technologically sophisticated baby incubator technology ever built. His incubator program led him to win the Innovation of the Year award for the Heroes In Health Awards 2021 in Uganda.

Aside from incubators, Nsamba has designed drones and baby ICUs for ambulances. In 2013, he formed a small team to launch Uganda’s first space observer.

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