‘Insecure’ star Yvonne Orji admits she is still a virgin at 39

Stephen Nartey November 07, 2023
Yvonne Orji/Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Yvonne Orji, the Insecure star known for her open stance on maintaining her virginity, continues to save herself for marriage at the age of 39. During a recent interview on the Dear Chelsea podcast, where she was promoting her book “Bamboozled By Jesus,” host Chelsea Handler didn’t beat around the bush and directly asked Orji, “Are you still a virgin?”

She confirmed in the viral interview she was still a virgin. Chelsea expressed her shock and admiration and exclaimed, “Oh, my God, I love this!” upon hearing that Orji was still a virgin at 39.

Chelsea playfully speculated that the “dam is going to break one day” regarding Orji’s decision to wait for marriage. In reaction to this, she responded by indicating that people should pray for her future partner because she has a lot of “pent-up energy” in her.

Chelsea playfully remarked that Orji might need more than one man when she eventually starts having sex. According to her, Orji might have to transition from being a virgin to practicing polyamory, as reported by the Daily Mail.

During the Q&A segment of the podcast, Orji said that many women who are waiting to have sex might feel anxious about how to broach the topic with a potential partner. She mentioned that such women often worry about the perception of being a virgin and the possible consequences of disclosing it to a partner.

Orji, who previously dated former NFL player Emmanuel Acho, pointed out that there’s a lot of pressure in these situations. She also emphasized that assuming a man only wants sex is unfair and rude, highlighting that men have deeper interests and desires beyond physical intimacy.

She explained that she decided to discuss her choice publicly to help people understand and avoid misconceptions, stating, “I can inform your curiosity, as opposed to everyone being in the dark and just sort of creating their own narrative about it.”

The Emmy nominee known for discussing her immigrant background in the United States, revealed that she was inspired by God to pursue a career in comedy.

She recounted how she entered the Miss Nigeria American pageant with friends while she was pursuing her master’s in Public Health. However, when asked about her talent for the pageant, she initially felt uncertain due to her immigrant background, but her path to comedy soon emerged.

Orji, guided by her Nigerian commitment to excellence, said she prayed for guidance as she faced the question of her talent for a pageant. According to her, the voice of the Holy Spirit advised her to “do comedy,” which became the turning point in her career.

The Night School star said she was initially hesitant to follow the advice to pursue comedy, but she recalled that God told her, “Either you’re going to learn to trust me or you’re not.”

This encounter played a pivotal role in her decision to embrace a career in comedy.

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