It’s not all dirt, here are some of the most beautiful roads in Africa [Photos]

Etsey Atisu June 21, 2019

Vumba to Victoria Falls Road, Zimbabwe

Start your journey in the east of the country at Vumba, where the lush green highlands of Zimbabwe meet the border of Mozambique. Your journey will take you past silver waterfalls with evocative names like “Bridal Veil Falls” and pine forests, to Great Zimbabwe, one of Africa’s best preserved ancient ruins, constructed with mason work that rival that of the Incas in South America.

The Matopo National park is well worth a visit; there is a reason why mining magnate and politician Cecil John Rhodes chose the top of Worlds View, the summit of one of the giant boulders that dot the landscape as his last resting place. The grand finale of your journey is the Victoria Falls, a mass of pure, white churning hydropower that cascades into a 108 meter drop. Zimbabwe is safe and the country’s road’s lies open for an adventurous road tripper.


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