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Here are the largest man-made lakes found in Africa [Photos]

The Volta Lake in Ghana is the largest artificial reservoir in the world in terms of surface area and contained behind the Akosombo Dam. The Adomi Bridge sits on this lake. Photo by David Kwamena Bolton

It is not to be, but many people confuse what lakes are against what ponds or rivers are. The difference is quite simple: a lake is not a pond or a river. That sounds too regular and that’s true but with the knowledge that there are millions of lakes scattered around the world, here is an even more exciting fact about what a lake is to help you get out of this web of confusion: a lake is a body of water that has land surrounding it.

Lakes are mostly natural but living in a world of men and women alike, there are also a few lakes that came about as a result of the activities of mankind.

In these subsequent pages, we share with you a few of the world’s largest man-made lakes that are found in Africa. And to get this started, you should be excited to learn that the first on the world’s list is found in Africa.

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