Jamaican doctor says he has found the solution to world hunger

Sonya Beard April 26, 2019
Left Photo: Dr. Delroy Brown

Jamaican Doctor, Dr. Delroy Brown, like most caring fathers, wanted his children to start off their morning with the most important meal of the day. None of those Frosted Flakes with enough sugar to send his little ones into a hyperactive frenzy would do.

Being a man of science, Dr. Brown would serve up concoctions of nature’s purest ingredients, preparing his own versions of oatmeal, creamy wheat and cornmeal porridge. His dishes would be void of the additives and preservatives that weigh down traditional breakfast favorites, and it would be more appetizing than the typical organic fare.

“My mother raised me to make my own food,” says the dentist based in Brooklyn, N.Y. “I knew I could make something better than what was on the market.”

About five years ago, Dr. Brown began researching healthier options and devised a list of 32 vegan-pleasing ingredients including quinoa, moringa, chia, spelt, cassava, arrow root, lima beans, wheat berry, rose hip….The result was an energy-boosting, mineral-packed flour substitute that he labeled Dr. Brown’s Original Green Hill Super Meal.

Next he put his product to the taste test by alternating his sunrise menu selections with multi-grain pancakes, waffles and bread. His children approved. Soon he won over the taste buds of his fellow church members. Then others in the community became fans.

Now Dr. Brown wants to feed the world—literally.

Making the rounds in humanitarian circles, he has been promoting the wonders of his Super Meal, which can be mixed with water or milk in regions where water is scarce.

Jamaican doctor says he has found the solution to world hunger
Dr. Delroy Brown with his Original Green Hill Super Meal

Last October, Dr. Brown addressed dignitaries at New Partnerships for Africa’s Development during the 73rd Session of the General Assembly at the United Nations. He met with officials from the World Food Programme (WFP) and plans to meet with representatives from UNICEF.

One in five Africans face starvation, which is twice the global average; in fact, WFP officials questioned whether the continent would achieve its U.N. Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger by the year 2030.

The meal could make up the difference, particularly during natural disasters and in conflict zones, says Dr. Brown, adding, “It provides enough nourishment in four ounces to sustain a child for a day.”

The Super Meal is named after Dr. Brown’s hometown of Green Hill in St. Ann, Jamaica, known as “the garden parish,” the place where he dreamed of one day becoming a doctor.

“I decided to learn more about various grains and how they could positively affect my health and the health of other people,” says Dr. Brown, who earned his DDS from New York University School of Dentistry, a B.S. in health administration, and a B.S. in science and pre-med from the State University of New York at Brockport.

Dr. Brown recommends adding Super Meal to the diet for a dose of healthy living. His research shows the product promotes bone development, good digestion, vascular health, weight control and a strong heart; it also lowers bad cholesterol, blood pressure and the Glycemic Index while reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer and chronic disease. He has heard rave reviews from customers about how the product has made amazing baby food and sustained a 92-year-old bedridden woman.

It’s also halal, kosher and rehab for carb addicts, enabling them to swap bad carbohydrates in recipes to make pasta, dumplings, brownies and cookies. And it can be used to thicken smoothies.

With his sights on establishing his own foundation to combat hunger, Dr. Brown is donating to charity one pound of Super Meal for every 10 pounds sold.

In the meantime, he is currently seeking a partner who can assist with global distribution. However, Dr. Brown isn’t looking for just any partner. A compassionate partner with like-minded values and one who views this effort “as a labor of love for humanity” would be a good match, says Dr. Brown.

“This is something that God gave to me, so I want to take it and spread it to as many people as possible, especially to those who are the least of these.”

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