Kanye West reveals plans to build city in the Middle East — twice the size of New York City

Stephen Nartey December 22, 2023
Kanye West at the Met Gala in 2019. Photo Credit: CC 3.0/YouTube, Cosmopolitan UK

Kanye West is aiming to create a self-sustaining city named DROAM in the Middle East, showcasing his grand ambitions beyond music and fashion. The rapper now known as Ye wants to build a massive city halfway around the world.

West’s plan for a new city in the Middle East raises questions given his history of unrealized projects, including unfulfilled album promises. The recent collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, slated for release last weekend, adds to a pattern of announcements without delivery, leaving fans both intrigued and skeptical, according to the New York Post.

Speculation is rife that West’s album will be released on New Year’s Eve. But, some fans are anticipating this amid cautious optimism.

West took to X to make the bold announcement about creating DROAM, a city in the Middle East, though the exact location remains undisclosed. The city, which is still in the initial phase, and is expected to cover over 100,000 acres, promises to be twice the size of New York City.

West is actively seeking collaborators, calling upon project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to join the ambitious endeavor. However, amid this visionary proclamation, reports emerged of West’s Los Angeles church, a property he acquired in March for $1.5 million, now lying in neglect.

Images emerged recently of boarded-up windows and trash accumulation, highlighting a sharp contrast to his global ambitions. In a further twist, West has listed his Malibu home for sale, which currently lacks windows and electricity due to abandoned renovation plans. The stripped-down property, purchased for $57.25 million two years ago, is now listed at $53 million, underscoring West’s financial challenges.

As the announcement of DROAM is gradually settling with fans, it draws into sharp focus West’s track record of unrealized projects and abandoned properties and raises questions on what to anticipate for this latest venture.

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