Kenyan woman dies after botched boob job that punctured her intestines

Nduta Waweru June 13, 2018
June Wanza

What seemed an uncomplicated surgery ended up costing the life of a young woman in Kenya.

Julie Wanza, one of Nairobi’s women seeking to increase the size of her breasts, went to one of Nairobi’s clinic for the procedure.

However, after undergoing the process, she started experiencing abdominal pains which became worse as time went by.

She decided to head to the Nairobi Hospital for review and was immediately admitted to the High Dependency Unit, then the ICU, according to local news outlet the Star.

The doctors discovered that her intestines had been punctured in her breast augmentation procedure, resulting in the seeping of waste from the intestines to her stomach.

“Because her intestines were cut, all the waste was seeping out and spreading inside the stomach. That caused an infection called sepsis. Doctors battled to save her life on Friday but she died from the infection,” a family member told the Star.

According to Professor Stanley Khainga, the surgeon who performed the corrective surgery, Wanza had gas sepsis, which spreads very fast.

“It was gas gangrene which is an infection of soft tissues from bacteria on the skin. I was just called in to control that. When gas gangrene gets under the skin, it kills blood supply and eats the fat and whatever remains. If you don’t remove the dead skin then it spreads all over and you can’t control it,” he said.

Kenya’s medical board has requested Wanza’s family to lodge in a complaint to determine whether the surgeon is liable for negligence.

Wanza will be buried on Saturday.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: June 14, 2018


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