Lost Passion

Ike Odimegwu November 30, 2011

Passion without pain
Is like windows without panes
So much comes your way and yet nothing came
Inspirations evaporating
Along with aspirations
Cuz nothings happened as far as action
Somethings hardened the path in motion
Not even laughing can set u back in motion…
Lifes "shores" are beautiful
But the rhinestones are lifes own…
Steps that teach u, it'll hurt
Left to reach u, on this earth
Find urself, find the truth…
InspirationS all over you
Passion without the pain
Pasture without the planes…


Image also by Ike Odimegwu. You can visit his tumblr at http://ikeslimster.tumblr.com/ to see more of what this talented young man has to offer! 

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