Maintaining Your Health During this Holiday Season

Azuka onye November 01, 2011

Halloween is over. Next up Thanksgiving, then Christmas. What can be done to avoid the many food temptations that accompany the holidays? Believe it or not, it is good to indulge in your favorite foods every now and then. However, it is important to remember that too much fat, sugar and salt can lead to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and weight gain.

During the holiday season it is important that people pay special attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Below are three things everyone should do to ensure that they  maintain overall good health:

1. Oral Hygiene: It is important that good oral hygiene is maintained during the holiday season because of the large amounts of sugar many people eat. Bad oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease as well as a number of other health complications. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay and other adverse health effects. For more information visit

2. Portion Control: Serving size is important and should be taken into consideration whether you are eating a candy bar, drinking a glass of juice or eating a meal. Always remember to look at the labels on the packaging to determine the number of calories, fat and sugar in the foods you eat. Studies have shown that eating multiple small meals everyday is much more effective for weight-loss than eating one or two large meals. For more information about portion control visit

3. Exercise: Winter is here, but it does not mean that exercising should cease. In fact, maintaining a good exercise routine is more important during the holidays. For those people who may not have the time to spare to go to the gym, try modifying your daily routine.

• Park your car further away and walk to work.
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
• Take a walk or jog during your lunch break.
• Wear ankle weights during the day

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