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Renarda Joy June 26, 2014


Fortunately, we live in a time where there are so many cool eyeglasses available, and the geek look (pictured above) is somehow the new chic! So, the next time you’re getting ready to go reach for your contacts, don’t! Here, Face2Face Africa will share a few insider tips from Celebrity Make-Up Artist Renarda Joy on what make-up to pair with your eyeglasses.

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Below are a few tips I share with my clients that are eyeglass wearers:

  1. Make a Statement with Bold Lips. Try wearing bold colors like a pop of orange (pictured at right)!  For beauty1darker skin tones, a red-orange – sheer or highly pigmented– looks fresh and modern.
  2. Try an Eyelash Curler. Use a heated eyelash curl to accentuate your natural lashes. Focus on curling the roots of your lashes, this way you won’t have any lashes hitting the glass every time you blink. Try tilting your head back, holding the curler against your cheek, and giving it a couple of pulses — but don’t clamp too tight. Lastly, make sure you open the curler before pulling away. You’ll have amazing lashes.
  3. Wear Mascara. I get asked by eyeglass wearers if they can wear mascara. Try waterproof, and go heavy at the root but not the tips. Apply one coat from the root to the tip as you normally do, but with the second coat, just focus on the root. Try wiggling the wand back and forth, but keep the intensity at the root. Mascara up!gel liner
  4. Use Gel Liner. This type of liner (pictured above) is a great choice to add to your eyes. Not only does gel stay on longer, it looks beauty mac linergreat when others see it through your lenses. Try color gels as a way to add color to your eyes.  MAC (pictured at right) has one of my favorite gel liners.
  5. Smudge Liner. If you’re a client of mine, you can finish what I’m about to say: a little goes a long way! Smudge your liner to both your lash line and underneath your eyes to create a sultry look for those nights out.
  6. Align Your Eyeliner to Frame Size. Did you know that if you have thick- or- thin-framed eyeglasses, your eyeliner should mirror that? This small tip for eyeglass wearers is a secret that will take you far.
  7. Time to Blush. Another way to add color to your face is adding blush by focusing on the apples of your cheeks. Also, if you want to have a sun-kissed look, try adding highlighter or a bronzer to the top of cheekbones.  One of my favorite summer blushes is tarte “flush.” It’s a cheek stain.
  8. Eye Shadow Anyone? If you want to wear shadow, opt for a bit of shimmer only to your lower lids. It is a great way to draw people in! Refrain from adding any color to your brow bone, because depending on where your frame sits on your face, you risk looking like you made an error.
  9. Create Smoky Eyes. My favorite look to create on my clients, includes those that wear glasses. But just because you have eyeglasses on, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a smoky eye! Just double the liner to make sure that it shows up, and you’ll see how beautiful your smoky eyes look even with your glasses.
  10. Use Brows To Shape Your Face. Brows (pictured) help to frame your face, so make sure your brows are defined with a pencil beauty10and shaped to your frames so it stands out. If you’re not comfortable with using a pencil, select a product that won’t move or smudge if your frames press against it.
  11. Manipulate Small/Large Eyes. Glasses can make your eyes look smaller, so to make them pop, rim the entire eye. If your eyes look bigger, line your eyes less.
  12. Create Cat Eyes. This is my favorite look with those that wear glasses. Be daring and experiment with how long you want your wing to be.
  13. Apply Foundation. This goes without saying, but always make sure your skin is even-toned and flawless!

Whew, there you have it! My top tips for eyeglass wearers who wear make-up. Ladies, if I forgot anything, if you want to add to this list, or if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail at rj@renardajoynyc.com.

Also, send us images of how you wear your make up with glasses to selfies@f2fafrica.com.


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