Man gets his wedding ring back after he misplaced it during a game 7 years ago

Stephen Nartey November 24, 2023
Derrick Norman (left) and Bud Bristol/Photo credit: WKBW, Derrick Norman, Bud Bristol via CNN

A Buffalo Bills fan, Derrick Norman, nicknamed “Chef,” has been reunited with his missing wedding ring after seven years, thanks to a New York Jets fan who found it.

The emotional reunion took place at the tailgate before the Bills-Jets game. Norman, a devoted Bills fan who has been cheering from the front row for decades, lost his wedding ring during the Bills’ 2016 Thursday Night Football home opener, where his spirited cheering may have contributed to the mishap.

“I was banging on the wall, cheering and everything, and then I looked up at my hand and noticed my ring was gone. So, I told my buddy, ‘The ring is gone. I lost my ring.’ I said, ‘Man, my wife is gonna kill me,’” Norman said.

Norman and his wife Rahsaan, married in 2001, faced a moment of concern when he initially lost his wedding ring. Not willing to attend an away game without it, Rahsaan quickly purchased a temporary ring from a local store, ensuring he still had a symbol of commitment for their trip to Miami. Norman has been wearing this replacement ring ever since, according to WB TV.

But on Sunday, Norman was reunited with Bud Bristol, the New York Jets fan who found it. Bristol, who was sitting behind Norman during the game, discovered the ring after Norman had left.

Despite attempting to return it through the lost and found, Bristol faced complications and ended up keeping the ring in his pocket. He made unsuccessful attempts to locate Norman on social media.

Recently, a Bills fan at the bar where Bristol works heard the story of the lost wedding ring. She took Bristol’s contact information and connected him with Norman. Within a week, Bristol and Norman were on the phone, and Bristol expressed his intention to personally deliver the ring at the Bills-Jets game.

The long-awaited reunion took place at the tailgate before Sunday’s game, with Bristol handing over the missing wedding ring to Norman, who was deeply moved and promptly shared the news with his wife, expressing gratitude for the emotional moment.

Bristol, married for 23 years, said he understands the significance of wedding rings and found the emotional moment rewarding.

Norman expressed enduring gratitude for having his ring back after seven years and believes blessings will come back to Bristol for his kindness. He said he was overwhelmed with the reality that genuinely good people still exist in the world.

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