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Meet Bola Osundairo, 27-year-old Nigerian American breaking the odds, representing Chicago at the upcoming US National championships in Louisiana

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March 22, 2021 at 01:30 pm | News

Abimbola Abel Osundairo is a 27-year old Nigerian-American born amateur boxer cum entertainer

Abimbola Abel Osundairo, a 27-year old Nigerian-American-born amateur boxer cum entertainer, is influencing his generation from Africa and in the diaspora to diligently follow their passion to the point of global recognition and celebration. His passion continues to ignite especially a recent tour of the West African region. Osundairo, popularly known as ‘Team Abel’, is now more than ever, empowered to be the voice of the continent globally.

During the trip, he called on African decision-makers and leaders to allocate more resources to develop the underprivileged talents in West African sports, fitness, and the arts.

The Chicago-based boxer, who debuted in a lead role for ‘Friends Family and Lovers’ has also starred in other Hollywood productions.

Osundairo is currently committed to training as he prepares to represent Chicago at the upcoming USA national boxing championships from March 25-April 3, 2021. He has developed the drive, mental capacity, physique, exposure and is open to representing his fatherland Nigeria at the Olympics. Taking up boxing seriously only two years ago, he has an undefeated record of 12-0.

Not only is he knowledgeable about different languages (Yoruba, Swahili, Fante, Twi, Igbo, Spanish, English), his dedication to Africa extends into the community. As a way of giving back, Osundairo volunteers time during trips to Nigeria to train people at the Army sports center under Coach Mohammed. Pre-covid, Osundairo and his brothers launched a medical outreach program. The target is the population at risk of hypertension which is the single most common risk factor for stroke, chronic kidney disease, and heart failure among adult Nigerians.

He believes in commitment to everything he does. “With time, training, dedication and investment to produce results, Africa can be great again. Let’s break the odds and make a remarkable representation on the global stage. The music and entertainment Industry is already making evident and global progress. The time is now,” says the aspiring world champion.


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