Meet the Angolan with the world’s largest mouth that can fit an entire drink can

Mildred Europa Taylor January 11, 2019
Francisco Domingo Joaquim has the world's largest mouth.

Is it weird or simply wonderful? I would leave you to decide after reading the exploits of Francisco Domingo Joaquim, a 28-year-old Angolan who has the world’s largest mouth.

Measuring over six and a half inches across, Joaquim’s mouth is so wide that he can fit an entire 330ml can of soda in his mouth, sideways, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Nicknamed the “Angolan Jaw of Awe” in his home country, Joaquim has his genetics to thank for this unusual gift.

He suffers from a connective tissues disorder, which gives him the capability to have such a girth. In 2010, at the age of 20, Joaquim, popularly known as Chiquinho, put his skills to the test when he competed in “Big Mouth” competition in Rome.

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Francisco Domingo Joaquim. Pic credit: YouTube

Contestants had the task of cramming their mouths with a variety of items including beer bottles, coffee cups, and saucers but no one could beat Joaquim’s, who was able to fit a 330ml can of Coca-Cola into his malleable mouth.

He later performed such amazing acts on the streets of Angolan capital, Luanda, and gradually, he was sought after by the media. Joaquim, out of this media attention, was invited to be on an Italian TV to showcase his skills.

Reports said the crowd was simply amazed by what he did – he popped a can in and out of his mouth 14 times under one minute.

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Joaquim has the world’s largest mouth. Pic credit:

Researchers working with the Guinness Book of World Record discovered Joaquim while scouring YouTube for new talents. They later followed him to his hometown in Angola. Since then, he has become a sensation on social media as his incredible feats continue to be shared on various platforms.

Remaining unbeaten since 2010, the young man had said that it was a “dream come true” to be honoured by Guinness World Records.

Since its inception in 1955, the Guinness Book of World Records has served as a definitive source for vetting human records and achievement, and many people today actively look to have their names entered into the record book.

Africa has had its fair share of record makers. The last Sharifian Emperor of Morocco, Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif, known as the Bloodthirsty for his legendary cruelty, was reputed to have fathered a total of 867 children: 525 sons and 342 daughters, making him the man with the most number of children.

Johannes Relleke of the Kamativi tin mine located in the Gwaii River in then-Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) was stung by more than 2,443 bees on January 28, 1962. He survived the attack, and all of the bee stings were later removed and counted.

Also, in July 2009, 12,511 spectators at a Vodacom Challenge soccer derby match set a record for the most number of vuvuzelas blown at the same time. The match was between the Orlando Pirates and the Kaizer Chiefs at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The continent, in 2013, also produced the most number of people brushing their teeth when 300,000 Nigerian students participated in an event that saw them brushing their teeth simultaneously for one minute at 376 separate locations.

In July 2016, DJ Obi made it into the Guinness record books for breaking the record for the longest running marathon music mix. To enter into the record books, DJ Obi had to beat the previous record set by DJ Norbeto Loco from Poland whose record stood at a total of 200 hours or eight days deejaying. DJ Obi was, however, able to break that record and set a new one of 240 hours or a total of 10 straight days of non-stop music.

Watch Joaquim display his skills below:

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