by Mildred Europa Taylor, at 12:00 pm, December 30, 2018, Money Moves

Meet the black billionaires who made impact in 2018

Black billionaires of 2018

Many consider them to be the most brilliant and enterprising people who are able to come out with ideal and fast ways to make some billions despite some of the political attacks they face due to their backgrounds.

It’s true that some of them might have certain advantages such as being born into a rich family or a country with a good education and an enabling environment.

Nevertheless, they largely strive on their own to strike it big. Scores of young people who have an interest in starting their own businesses and growing their wealth look up to them for inspiration.

This year, these highly successful people once more made money while touching the lives of others positively. Here are those that made the cut for the top 10 black billionaires for 2018.

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