Motivation: When….

Chioma Obii-Obioha September 16, 2011

Motivation: When….When you’re weak and on the verge of giving up, remember that sunlight is brightest when it breaks out after the dawn.

When you’re hopeless and downtrodden, take a few minutes to count all your blessings. Realizing all that you actually have will remind you that where there is life, there is indeed hope.

When you’re inundated with thoughts of fear and inability, take stock of all that you have accomplished leading up to that point. Then, look in the mirror and declare yourself a winner.

When you’ve fallen and feel like you’ve failed, take a deep breath and smile because failure is an absolutely imperative part of the journey to success. You’re on your way!

When you want to make new changes and take steps in a new direction, move one foot forward and then move the next. Constantly remind yourself that that is all it takes: one step at a time.

When they try to tell you things you cannot do, go to your sanctuary and work on making your voice and the voice of God louder than anyone else’s. That way, when the naysayers speak next, their voices will be drowned out by the positive voices cheering you on to victory.

When life beats you up and all else fails, remember that you matter and never forget that you are unique and irreplaceable. No one can ever do what you can!


About Authour:

Chioma Onyewuchi studied Psychology (with a minor in Communications) at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has written for as long as she can remember and loves the fact that words can evoke emotions and greatly influence others. She is extremely passionate about using media to showcase the beauty and diversity in Africa, as well as the amazing potential and success of its people. She loves inspiring excellence in others and promoting love and romance in marriage, especially in African families and marriages. She blogs about the latter at

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