After studying law, Mozambican woman turns her gardening passion into a business

Abu Mubarik November 23, 2022
The company is based in Maputo City and has representatives in the central and northern areas of the country. Photo:

In 2021, Isabel Resende made a bold move to venture into entrepreneurship by turning her passion for people and gardening into a thriving business. She is a partner and Managing Director of Control Plus Services, Limitada, a Mozambican company dedicated to the provision of gardening services and pest control.

Resende said she was influenced by several factors to venture into entrepreneurship, chief amongst them being her desire to manage people and help them grow professionally and also to explore more of her potential.

“What inspired me the most were people and the possibility of creating a positive impact in their lives. Another inspiring factor for me was the possibility of being able to contribute with my own hands and with my own work to the construction, consolidation and growth of a business through which we provide services that serve as a reference in our area of activity,” she told the linonessesofafrica.

She currently has 10 employees, mostly young people from her area of operation. She describes her team as motivated, dynamic and committed to the company’s cause.

“Here we are more than co-workers, we are a family always willing to share knowledge, experiences and cultivate the spirit of mutual help, always keeping in mind our main objective, which is the satisfaction of our customers,” she said in response to a question about her team.

Prior to starting her company, Resende did not have any experience in entrepreneurship. Unlike other entrepreneurs who came from entrepreneurial backgrounds, she did not have anyone close to her to take inspiration and gather experiences.

While she regrets this background, Resende said it allowed her to create her own path, make her own choices according to her reality and develop an ability to resolve the issues she was facing.

“It has been a fantastic journey, full of challenges and learning and an experience completely different from anything I have ever lived, which allows me to develop new skills and explore more of my potential,” she said about her entrepreneurial journey.

Touching on the future plans for her company, she noted that the plan is to consolidate and expand her business throughout Mozambique. Currently, the company is based in Maputo City and has representatives in the central and northern areas of the country.

“We intend to be a national and perhaps international reference in the field of pest control and gardening. In addition, we intend to build a team that is increasingly cohesive, motivated and happy to be part of this company,” she added.

Resende has a background in Human Resource Management. She also holds a law degree and a master’s degree in Business Management with over 10 years of experience in the job market.

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