Sierra Leonean Graduate Partners with Top Restaurateur To Launch African Supper Club in U.K.

Fredrick Ngugi August 01, 2017
African Supper Club co-founder Sylvia Browne. Photo credit: My African Hob

As a child in Sierra Leone, Sylvia Browne enjoyed watching her mother prepare traditional West African food, sparking a deep appreciation for nutrition and healthful eating.

And today, Browne has partnered with Suzanne Tiega, a top restaurateur from Cameroon living in England, to launch a new African supper club called “My African Hob” in the U.K. in order to showcase her passion for authentic African cuisine and healthy living.

A science graduate who migrated from Sierra Leone to England together with her parents at the age of 11, Browne explained to Face2Face Africa in a statement how she plans to turn her venture into a profitable business with a wider reach across the U.K.

“African dining is growing and gaining momentum every year. Now is the time to launch this supper club,” says Browne.

“There is a hunger for culture from the continent of my birth. I see this coming from second- and- third-generation African and British foodies.”

And she expects that connecting with Tiega, who will be responsible for the customer service section of the venture, “will raise the bar in African customer service.”

Suzanne Tiega

Suzanne Tiega, co-founder of My African Hob. Photo credit: Twitter

How the Idea Was Born

As a busy science professional, Ms. Browne had no time to prepare the kind of food she really loved, so she set out to find restaurants that serve nutritious West African foods in the U.K.

While she found a few that met basic standards, getting high-quality food and excellent customer service was an uphill task.

After talking with a few friends about the issue, she realized this was a widespread problem.

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One of the African cuisines served by My African Hob. Photo credit: My African Hob

From that frustration, Dybron’s Catering, a catering company focused on providing nutritious and authentic Sierra Leonean cuisine in the U.K., was born.

And even though her learning curve in the business has been steep, Browne has developed a great network of supportive professionals within the industry who have helped her to advance the venture.

Delivering Excellent African Cuisine

Browne, who holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biomedical Science and Medical Microbiology, respectively, says her main vision of My African Hob is to provide excellence in African food.

“This means delicious, innovative, and high-quality food experiences for all diners,” Browne says.

She hopes to use her customers for referrals by ensuring that the African supper club consistently delivers great personable services and gives every customer value for their money.

The club will serve a wide range of African cuisines, including banana fritters (akara), skewered roast beef, black eyed beans stew, and more.

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Another common African dish prepared by My African Hob. Photo credit: My African Hob

The next My African Hob supper club will be held on August 6th in Hammersmith, West London.


Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: August 1, 2017


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