Mystery toilet turns rebellious as it inundates woman’s new apartment with a tsunami of foam

Stephen Nartey December 14, 2023
Ayoka’s toilet/Photo credit: @akoyaisqueen / Tiktok

A Californian renter got a surprise when her toilet turned rebellious, unleashing a sudsy tsunami that transformed her apartment into an impromptu bubble bath.

The bizarre incident, captured on TikTok and viewed by over 5.8 million people, has left viewers puzzled as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind this foamy spectacle.

“The toilet…belched?! And my bathroom filled with foam!” Ayoka, the victim in the foamy toilet incident, posted and described the soapy drama which took place last month in her newly acquired apartment building in the Bay Area as bizarre.

Captured photos depict the woman’s bathroom submerged under a blanket of bubbles, resembling a snow-covered landscape post-blizzard.

Ayoka can be heard in her video expressing her astonishment and seeking advice on how to handle the peculiar situation. A subsequent video revealed her attempt to stem the bubbly flow by placing a towel at the bathroom entrance, as if constructing an improvised tsunami barrier, according to the New York Post.

Despite Ayoka’s attempts to manage the situation, she ultimately had to call a maintenance professional for help. In a subsequent video, she recounted how the maintenance worker arrived equipped with a Shop-Vac, engaging in a comedic battle against the relentless tide of foam.

The TikTok community expressed shock and amusement, with one user asking, “Girl, what DID you do??”

Another commented, “Why does your toilet have rabies?”

Meanwhile, a third wit suggested that the besieged woman “Close the door. Blame it on the next person.”

The cause of Ayoka’s frothy toilet conundrum remains unclear; for seven days, her plumber had still not arrived. She speculated on potential reasons, suggesting a blockage in the vent/stack that led gases to accumulate and bubble up through her toilet.

Ayoka also suggested theories involving a neighbor’s kids’ science experiment gone wrong or someone overusing laundry detergent, leading to a system shutdown.

Ayoka later seemed to have successfully resolved the bubbly situation. In a follow-up video, she and her black cat are seen casually strolling through a foam-free bathroom, indicating that the mysterious bubbles have been effectively eliminated.

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