Hero Texas mom battles dog to save 2-year-old son

Francis Akhalbey November 24, 2023
Chante Wright-Haywood saved her 2-year-old son from a dog attack -- Images via WKRG

A Texas mother stepped in to protect her 2-year-old son from being attacked by an aggressive dog outside their home on Tuesday morning. Per WKRG, the incident, which was captured on their doorbell camera, occurred as Chante Wright-Haywood and her son CJ were making their way to daycare and work after they came out of their home.

Wright-Haywood said she initially thought her son was being approached by a neighborhood kid before the unthinkable happened. The footage of the incident shows the dog pouncing on the toddler as he screams.

Wright-Haywood quickly reacts and is seen kicking the dog and picking her son from the ground before running back to their door while holding CJ up. The dog, however, chases them and tries to attack the toddler again as Wright-Haywood continues to shield her son and kick the dog.

“Open the door!” Wright-Haywood is heard shouting. The dog also damaged a plant pot and lunged at Wright-Haywood before they eventually entered their home. But the dog refused to give up though they were safely indoors.

“You can hear like that snapping, trying to get to him [my son],” Wright-Haywood said. “My daughter was able to open the door, and I just kind of pushed him in…the dog was trying to get into the house.”

Wright-Haywood also said the dog “actually broke the door hinges off of the (door) frame.” “Me and the kids were putting all our body weight on the door to hold the door close to keep the dog out while I’m calling police and EMS to come,” she added.

CJ suffered just a minor bite. Wright-Haywood said dogs without leashes as well as strays frequently wander their neighborhood, adding that it has been a concerning safety issue for her and other residents.

“We have an issue with people just coming in dropping dogs off, they don’t want the dog anymore,” Wright-Haywood said. She also said she hopes they never experience what happened on Tuesday again, WKRG reported.

“I really just wanted people to take responsibility for their animals,” Wright-Haywood said. She also said Animal Control ultimately responded to the scene in the wake of the attack and captured the dog.

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