Once I Am President of Chad…


An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur? (alternatively: regatur orbis)
Translation: Don’t you know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?

Once I am president of Chad whatever ties the government has to corrupting enterprises will be done with. This isn’t a thesis statement. This means, France, please stop exploiting French African countries. Their presidents may not have a choice, but we, the African people, will no longer tolerate seeing our children dying of hunger and our parents suffering from malaria because there’s no potable water.

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I’ll have a Prime Minister appointed, and according to our Constitution, he must be either from the North and/or Muslim since I’m Christian. My government will be made of intellectuals and compatriots who are capable of producing effective changes. From the Minister of Communications to the Director of Trades, each appointed individual would be proficient and definitely qualified for the respective post.

There will also be a referendum on the following major issues affecting Chad:

-political parties
-safety and tourism

The educational systems from kindergarten to university ought to be built from the ground up. Chadian people will have three to five official languages : Arabic, English, French, N’gambaye, and Swahili.

I insist on three to five languages because Chadians would have to vote for their choices, since currently, the official languages are French and Arabic. If Swahili is one of the languages decided upon, it will help trades with our Tanzanian, Ugandan, Kenyan, and other African brothers and sisters who also speak that language in East Africa.

Cotton industrial manufacturers will be consulted in order to improve how it’s growing, cultivated, and used to benefit us, internally, and exporters.

According to Chad Now:

“The Government of Chad modified the Petroleum Revenue Management Law without proper consent by the World Bank in January of 2006. An IMF Public Information Notice from December of 2006 outlines the event and the economic affects that followed.

Budget execution in 2006 has been affected by a number of factors. In January, the authorities’ unilateral modification of the Petroleum Revenue Management Law agreed with the World Bank resulted in contractual remedies by the Bank, including the blocking of the offshore oil revenue escrow account.

The loss of revenue was partly offset by the start of income tax payments by the oil companies in March 2006. The dispute with the Bank was settled in July and, in October, the settlement of an income tax dispute with two of the three companies in the consortium producing Chad’s oil resulted in additional revenue equivalent to 8 percent of non-oil GDP.

This allowed a further expansion in most categories of expenditure — including on exceptional security expenditure following heavy fighting with rebels — raising the non-oil primary deficit to 16.6 percent of GDP in 2006.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were initially involved in financing the project and monitoring how the Government of Chad handles profits. In essence, the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project consisted of extracting oil from fields at Doba (southern Chad), and transporting that oil to the Atlantic coast via a pipeline through Cameroon. Cameroon shares in the profits of the project.”

Ever since petroleum has been extracted out of Doba, there have been some improvements: people tell me that roads have been built to facilitate transportation in and out of N’djamena, Abeché, and Moundou. That infrastructures as well are being created.

Let’s be honest, the rate at which it is being executed is so mediocre and sad that we cannot help but applaud the little changes that “are taking place.”

The Chadian army is one of the bravest in the world, and it ought to be built to protect Chad first. We have seen the impact that army has had in recent years and it’s only right that each soldier gets the respect and treatment they deserve.

Clean water will be accessible and available from the North to the South, from the East to the West, and throughout the country.

The millions of dollars that are a result of our petroleum will be used to put Chad at the center of African economic and political revolutions in Africa.

Great Britain, please stop taking advantage of English speaking Africa. These so-called HEADS OF STATES are only thinking about their personal bank accounts set up in Switzerland not realizing that those are funds from our natural resources.

China and the United States of America are setting themselves up for a piece of this pie made up of young boys and girls in dire need of education. Subsequently real and substantial changes will eventually occur. We are rejoicing in being alive but won’t just stay still.

You are probably thinking that I am dreaming but I am thinking out loud.

This is how concrete short- and- long-term plans are formulated. They are specific and realistic. The reality of Chad is sad because my People and our lands are worth much more than this. My only request to you, dear reader, is to keep your country, mine, our continent, and all of the governments of this world sensitive to our reality.

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: May 13, 2015


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