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Ethiopia’s Mass Benedictions & Exorcisms in Pictures

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May 18, 2015 at 01:15 pm | Lifestyle

A priest blesses a boy.
Exorcisms in Ethiopia

A priest blesses a boy.

Photographing Ethiopia‘s mass exorcisms in the Great Rift Valley, British photographer Robert Waddingham took the following photos of Orthodox priests and their congregants near Arba Minch, a city in southern Ethiopia.

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Many Africans believe that one can be corrupted by a demonic or evil spirit.

Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for the afflicted to seek spiritual cleansing and blessings from his or her pastor or priest for deliverance. And such was the case on a recent Sunday in Ethiopia, where crowds of men, women, and children participated in a number of rituals near holy bodies of water.

See Waddingham’s photos of the rituals just before mass begins below:

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