BY Sandra Appiah, 12:00am July 01, 2011,

Organization of the Month

Teaming up with two of her best friends, Marie Mansaray, the current Miss Sierra Leone USA 2010-2011 along with Zainab Fadlu Deen and Nadia Sasso–all three of whom are second generation Africans hailing from Sierra Leone came together to establish Yehri Wi Cry, a campaign and soon-to-be nonprofit designed to improve care for women and infants in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Organization of the Month

With a $10,000 Davis Foundation grant to get the fundraising ball rolling (and $5,000 more needed to reach its goal), YWC will distribute birthing kits and incentive packages in Sierra Leone to help mothers take advantage of the recent transition to free health care for lactating mothers and children under the age of five in Sierra Leone..

The World Health Organization reported last year that the maternal mortality rate has dropped a dramatic 34 percent since 1990, a testament to the work that health and human rights organizations are doing to provide women in developing countries with adequate care and information. The study also notes, however, that we are far from reaching the 2015 Millennium Development Goal for improving maternal health.

Especially upsetting is that most of the causes of death are in fact preventable. Maternal mortality joins the ranks of infectious diseases like malaria as one of the biggest unjust killers of populations that could be treated properly, if only people had access to doctors and facilities. The YWC blog points out that 1 in 8 women will die from preventable childbirth complications in Sierra Leone. If YWC has its say, that number is SURE to change.

Incidentally, "Yehri Wi Cry" means "Hear Our Cry" in the Sierra Leonean language Krio. With Nadia, Marie, Zainab, and their friends who are also heavily involved in the organization at the helm, there is no doubt YWC's message WILL BE HEARD.

Yehri Wi Cry has already shipped 500 birthing kits and 300 incentive packages to Sierra Leone and the team is anticipating their upcoming mission trip to the country at the end of July.

Join the cause by simply becoming a supporter! Visit their WEBSITE: or also find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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