Haiti Calls, Africa Answers: Africa Unite For Haiti

Margaret Amoo Daniels July 04, 2011

Ki moun k’ap souv yo.  Who is going to save us?

– Ernest “E-Uneek” Kebreau,

Haitian-American Musicial Pioneer and Africa Unite for Haiti musical guest

On June 23, 2011, Africa said, “we are.”

Haiti Calls, Africa Answers: Africa Unite For HaitiOn June 23rd, leading young professionals and philanthropists, predominantly of African and Caribbean descent, came together for the Africa Unite for Haiti  fundraising event, which was organized by New York City African Elites, Dr. Muri Raifu, and Ms. Busie Matsiko- Andan, the founder of Pont Global.

The event successfully rekindled the fire and sustained the drive to continue relief efforts in Haiti.  A recurring theme in the speeches that night was that we are all one global family and helping the Haitian people is not a situation of us and them, but rather of family members caring for one another. 

Speakers charged the community to help Haiti in any way possible—with monetary investment, volunteer work, or otherwise.   

Haiti Calls, Africa Answers: Africa Unite For HaitiAmong those who came together in solidarity to take a stand against the apathy towards the condition of Haitians were princesses and princes, congressmen, musicians, businessmen and businesswomen, Africans, Americans, Haitians, Haitian-Americans, and more.  

According to Dr. Muri Raifu, who graciously hosted the event in the beautiful Upper East Side Sunroof Terrace, we need “to refocus on fundamental issues that the people of Haiti are facing”.  Princess Keisha Omilana reminded the event attendees that “supporting Haiti and the Haitian people is needed, necessary, and non-negotiable.” 

Haiti Calls, Africa Answers: Africa Unite For HaitiThe power of art in the form of music also inspired event attendees.  Cameroon born world musician performed a Salif Keita rendition of Manjou.  The singer successfully managed to pour her emotions over the notes in such an exquisite way that the intent listener could feel her reaching over the ocean, over barriers of class and circumstances, and interlacing her fingers in the hand of that Haitian who almost gave up, and whom we almost forgot about. 

The evening was one of heightened global awareness and of civic and social responsibility.  Speakers included host Dr. Muri Raifu and Ms. Busie Matsiko-Andan, Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria, Founder and Chairman of the Global Syndicate, Jacques Philippe Piverger,  Mayor Joseph Champagne, and Congressman Donald Payne.  Musical Guests included Cameroonian world performer Kaissa, Classical soloist Lisa Marie, and Haitian-American musician Ernest “E-Uneek” Kebreau.

Haiti Calls, Africa Answers: Africa Unite For HaitiProceeds from the event directly went to the Global Syndicate to support non-profit organizations in the areas of education, healthcare, and economic development for Haitian men, women, and children: Project Medicare, Hollywood Unites for Haiti, The Cine Institute, Edeyo, and The Citizen initiative for the Commune of Hinche.

The Sponsors for the event were: Voss, Madiba Restaurant, Diversity Affluence, Africa.com, Stellekaya, Pont Global, Face2face Africa, Africa Starr Rum, Golden Crust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, Hint, Adiree PR, Poise and Perfection Events, Face Africa, and produced by Pont Global with Poise and Perfection Events.

Most of the time, people are giving to Africa. This time, Africa is giving to another country. This shows how interlaced our global community is. Congratulations to the Hosts for organizing such an important event.

Click on the following link to view exclusive photos: https://face2faceafrica.com/f2f-experience/gallery/africa-unite-for-haiti-photos-


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