Playstation 4 console helps Michigan authorities to arrest and charge murder suspect

Francis Akhalbey May 25, 2023
Daushawn Lamarr Guthridge, 41, was playing an online video game when he was gunned down -- Left photo credit: Evan-Amos | Right photo credit: Crimestoppers

Daushawn Lamarr Guthridge was in his Michigan apartment playing an online basketball game with an anonymous person when Darel King confronted him before taking his life. Authorities ultimately linked King to the July 2019 murder thanks to recordings they obtained from a Playstation 4 console. 

According to the New York Post, court documents stated the video game console recorded King hurling threats at Guthridge and opening fire on the 41-year-old deceased victim. Guthridge’s girlfriend, who was also in the apartment at the time of the incident, was also shot by the intruder as she shielded a child with her body, court documents further revealed.

However, Guthridge’s anonymous online gaming opponent, handed over the recording to police a day after the fatal encounter; equipping authorities with evidence to charge King in connection with the killing on Monday.

In the recording, King is heard screaming at Guthridge and asking about money and marijuana packages. “Don’t move. Talk quick,” King is heard saying in the recording. 

“Where the f–king money at? You got 30 seconds. Think I’m playing? If I don’t find no money in 20 seconds bro, if I don’t find no f–king bows and no money in 20 seconds bro, I’m sorry…”

Court documents state that other voices are also heard having a back-and-forth before multiple shots are fired. The tipster who gave the recording to the police also provided details on what happened when the gunman confronted Guthridge as they were playing the game, New York Post reported.

“I was on the Playstation 4 playing with the 41-year-old man that died at the scene in the 1600 block of Kent Street near Seymour Avenue,” the tipster shared. “He was playing the game with several people in a party chat on the game system.”

“I have a short clip that proves that I just want justice to be served… We heard all the arguments, and further gunshots. I hope this video helps.”

The female victim also verified it was King’s voice in the recording. The suspect was initially arrested over the murder in 2019, but authorities dismissed the charges in May 2021 before he was re-arrested five months later for a different federal case. 

The charges brought against King in connection with Guthridge’s killing include armed robbery and murder. The suspect has since been denied bail, and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 5.

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