BY Nii Ntreh, 8:00am February 16, 2020,

Political marriage: Is that what these four famous African leaders contracted?

Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel. Photo: AP

Marriages in themselves are political and it is not the fault of any of the participants.

It is just the case that a companionship that is promised to last forever and produce the future’s human beings becomes a primary point of power relations and negotiations.

The two, or more people, who are coming together in a marriage will definitely have to share responsibilities and liberties. It is in the interest of a society that this is done judiciously.

All of that aside, there are certain marriages that may be contracted for the purposes of fulfilling ideological and political ambitions. They are what we may call political marriages.

A political marriage does not necessarily refer to a Machiavellian love affair with the purpose of gaining a hold on power.

But theoretically, the two in a political marriage would never lose sight of the wider sociopolitical relevance and potential for power of their union.

The two would most likely come from privileged backgrounds or maintain privileged positions.

It would also be foolish to suggest that the two are not in love simply because they desire similar political ends. For all we may know, it is that desire which brings them together.

That being said, these are four famous African leaders whose unions may arguably qualify as political marriages.

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