A Post-Colonial Mentality Persists in Africa

Fredrick Ngugi January 18, 2017

Food & Names

KFC Nigeria

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Ibadan, Nigeria. Photo credit: CNN

The colonial mentality has forced many Africans to ditch their indigenous foods, which have been scientifically proven to be healthier, and go for foreign foods simply because they make them look posh.

Some African parents have also resorted to giving their children foreign names just because they are considered to be cool. There’s also a certain perception of opulence that is given to native Africans with foreign names.

While Africans have to interact with the rest of the world in this era of globalization, it is foolish for anyone to consider themselves inferior because of their skin color or shape of their nose. It is also stupid for any African to drop their culture and indigenous identity simply because the West says it’s not ideal.


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